Pattern Release: Solomon’s Cross Afghan Square

So can you remember me telling you about how much I loved the ‘Solomon’s Knot’ stitch, well I decided to go looking for some other patterns that used this stitch and do you know what I found…or didn’t find as the case maybe…that there is NO afghan square that has a Solomon’s Knot in it – though if I’m wrong I’d love a link to other squares that use this stitch. 

This was an issue I thought had to be rectified as soon as possible and so the ‘Solomon’s Cross’ Afghan Square was born!

Solomon's Knot Afghan Square

A uniform little square that would look great in a multi-square afghan or worked up in different colours sewn together as  a blanket – the possibilities are endless!  

And for anyone that is not familiar with the stitch I have included a full photo tutorial in the pattern on how to do a single and double Solomon’s Knot.

Courtesy of GrammyJo Lids


So I now have a square for March all finished up and ready to join my Midnight Eagle Owl square and the Shy Violet square in my self set mini challenge to create a new Afghan Square each month this year…now I need to get thinking about my square for April!  But in the meantime this pattern is now available for you to download (or favourite for later) from Ravelry or Craftsy.

If you do make up this square I hope you will send me a photo either by email or share on my Facebook page as I’d love to see!


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