All the pretty flowers – Free Pattern Round-Up


It seems like lots of my designer friends have been designing flowers recently and on these wet and grey April days it’s really been brightened up my mood!  I was really surprised to find that I hadn’t started a pinterest board with flowers on it so I have now created one  which I am sure I will add to over time! But I thought I would do a quick round up of my favourite eight free ‘flower’ themed patterns you might not have seen or simply because I love them!   

Blooming Flower Cushion by Attic 24

I bet this has been linked before but I personally love Lucy from Attic 24’s use of colours and this cushion is on my to do list!  Lucy also has loads of other free flower patterns on her site so you should definitely check her blog out!

 Springtime Pansies by HodgePodge Crochet

One of my wonderful designer friends recently shared this fabulous, quick and easy pansy project over on her blog.  Another great use of colours and I think this is the perfect little scrap buster pattern for all those bits of yarn that you might have lying around! 

Crochet Necklace by Creative Yarn

I think this necklace is just stunning!  Easy to make with just a small amount of worsted weight cotton and finished off with a wooden button.  I think it looks stylish in cream but it would look great in different colours.

Sunflower Appliqué by From Home

Another of my talented designer friends recently shared this little beauty on her blog.  I just love this sunflower; it just makes me think of sunshine!  I envision it on a sky blue hat or even worked in thread for a summery brooch pin.  Check out her blog for more details.

Flower Trellis Headband by Keep Calm and Crochet On UK

I designed this simple little headband for Little G last summer and remember clearly our mini photo shoot of her wearing it; it was a gorgeous sunny day and she was having great fun blowing bubbles!  I now associate this pattern with happy days and sunshine – I need to remember to make her a new headband for this year.

Rosy Heart by Mia’s Heartful Hands

I recently stumbled upon this pretty flower and fell in love! It’s now on my to do list when I get a free moment.  Such a simple but effect design which would make a great accessory to a hat or as a brooch pin!  

Borgata Flower Afghan Block by Kimberlie Goodnough

A fabulous afghan block created by another one of my designer friends.  This multi-layer flower block that would look fabulous as a summer throw in bright colours.

Crochet Flower Ball by Look What I made!

I think Amish puzzle balls are so cool!  I really want to make one some day and I love this flower version.  This pattern comes with loads and loads of photos to help make your puzzle ball just right.


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