The dark side of crochet

It’s a sad but true fact that all designers will experience some of the issues raised by Chan Chan.

In the last several months, I have been made aware of the dark side of crochet. I’m not talking about crocheting of intimate or controversial items. No, I’m talking about the underbelly, the seedy and shady side!
When I began my crochet journey, I never would have guessed that this was a problem! I shouldn’t be flabbergasted, but I am.  So many business type crocheters and websites are made on this issue. And it’s time to end it.

I have gotten to know some fantastic designers and have seen the hard work they put into each and every pattern. I have tested patterns for designers before release. I may not be fantastic at it, but enjoy working with them. These ladies (and I’m sure there are some gents out there as well) have an idea and work for weeks and sometimes months to nail out the pattern and write it…

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