The Whispers of the Sea Make-Along is Here!

Happy 5 July, also known as Whispers of the Sea Make-Along Day! Kitey (aka the Yarn Whisperer) and I have been really impatient for it to get here so we could share with you the design we’ve matched to the yarn!

If you were one of our early bird shoppers then you should have already received your yarn – and the pattern went out to everyone yesterday (from Kitey) so we could be ready for the start today (so maybe check your junk mail if the pattern doesn’t seem to have appeared).


This make along is designed as a slow, and relaxing summer project – putting those extra daylight hours to good use. We have put together a long make along period because we know that the summer can be a busy time for everyone and we didn’t want anyone to feel rushed with their project.

There is no specific schedule to the make along, you have over 2 months in theory, until the official end of our MAL on 10 September – but you can share your finished makes before or after this date as you complete your wrap.

Kitey has worked his magic to put together TWO amazing colourways for this MAL; there’s the gorgeous Laminariales (lam-in-are-i-arlez), which is inspired by kelp forests, and is just a gorgeous mixture of greens, teals and a hint of blue, and there is Zoantharia (Zo-anth-air-ria), inspired by soft corals, which is a beautiful mixture of pinks and orange tones.

Are you #teamlaminariales or #teamzoantharia? They are soooo pretty in real life, and the slub yarn in just simply gorgeous to work with. However if slub yarn is totally new to you you may find my recent post Tips for Crocheting with Slub Yarn of use.

If this is the first time you are hearing about the MAL there are still a handful of kits available on The Yarn Whisperer website at the cost of £44 + postage. Each kit will include 2 skeins of hand-dyed slub yarn, which you can choose in either of the colourways shown above, beautiful sea glass beads, a digital copy of the pattern and there will also be a few treats for good measure, including some fabulous Mrs G Stitch stitch markers.

For the full information about this particular MAL you can find all the details here (or find via the top menu of this blog under the tab ‘CALS AND MALS’).


There will be support for the pattern as usual in my Facebook group, and you could also pop in the Virtual Stitch-n-B*tch zoom sessions hosted by Kitey every Tuesday and Sunday at 2pm or Friday at 5.20pm (please see meeting codes on The Yarn Whisperer feed on Instagram). 

As this is a summer make-along we are really hoping you will share your photos with us of either your staycation or vacation view! We are hoping to put together a summer photo book of all your wonderful photos, that we will share in September at the end of the MAL.

Simply send or tag us in your perfect summery pictures – it could be your make in progress in a summery setting, or you working on it with a summer cocktail, or the finished make! All photos will be credited and shared online here on the blog and on the Yarn Whisperer website. Please just let us know how you’d like to be credited (e.g. first or Instagram name!)


We will be sharing our progress with the hashtags #wotsmal #kcacouk #yarnwhisperer and you can add either #teamlaminariales or #teamzoantharia for the specific colourways! If you’re blogging, feel free to leave links to your post(s) in the comments here.

We do hope that you enjoy this fun make-along; Kitey and I can’t wait to see your wonderful new wraps come to life!

Until next time folks! Happy hooking, keep calm and crochet on my friends xx


4 thoughts on “The Whispers of the Sea Make-Along is Here!

  1. Hi Heather – is the pattern only available if you buy the kit ?
    Many thanks and have a great day !

    • Hi Linda, As this particular MAL is a collaboration with the Yarn Whisperer the pattern is only available as a kit whilst the MAL is running. The pattern on its own will be available in my pattern stores after that date 😊

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