CALs and MALs

02textI published my first Crochet-A-long (CAL) project in 2015 inspired by Moogly’s 2014 CAL. I know myself well and knew the only way that I would ever keep up to date with a CAL was to run one myself so I would HAVE to keep up to date.  And it worked! And what’s more lots of people decided to crochet-a-long with me – I couldn’t believe it! After the 2015 project I was pretty much hooked (pun intended!) on CALs…

07So in 2016, I decided to have a go at designing my very own start to finish CAL project and the idea for the Everything is Cool and Groovyghan was born.  It’s definitely the most complex and challenging thing I have designed up to date as it includes lots of different stitches, elements and techniques. It was also a great way to use up some of my stash which my husband was very pleased about!

If you want to have a go at crocheting any of the CALs all the information is here on my blog and will remain so forever – so you have plenty of time. Find the information for 2015 CAL here and the information for 2016 CAL here.

I am totally astounded and grateful of the camaraderie of the thousands of participants world wide that have joined in with the CALs.  I have met some lovely people in my CAL Facebook group , were I am supported by some wonderful admins, and have loved hearing your comments and seeing the work people have shared with me.

So what’s the next CAL going to be about?  Well watch this space…