It’s P-P-P-Party Time!

So this weekend was taken over with party planning / partying at my daughter’s ‘Little G’s’ 3rd birthday party.   This was really her first ‘proper’ party with her friends (limited to 15!) in a local village hall.  We booked the hall for 2 hours (which seemed long enough) and turned our thoughts to how we were going to fill this 2 hours…that’s when the party slowly evolved into the party of the ‘P’s!

My husband first hit upon the idea of hiring a puppet show and we were really lucky to find just such an entertainer living down the road from the village hall who could do a teddy show.  P number 1 sorted!


P number 2 had to be the classic ‘Pass the Parcel’.  This is when I discovered that stitch counters are not only useful for counting crocheted rows but also fabulous for noting how many layers you’ve made on pass the parcel!

Around and Around it goes!

P number 3 I borrowed.  A wonderful multi-coloured play parachute for games for the children and mummy and daddies to join in with. Brilliant fun and I found loads of fabulous games to play from


The cake! Well it had to be Peppa Pig of course – I swear we weren’t planning on all these P’s it just happened!

 The Cake

The last P I fell in love with!  A beautiful multicoloured Piñata; but a non-violent one with pull strings for  little ones!  Little G and I had great fun filling it with streamers, gold coins and party blowers and it was a big hit with the kids when it opened and all the goodies fell out!


It was a fabulous party and we all definitely had lots of fun! But when the party was over and we’d taken all the decorations down; Little G didn’t want to leave! 


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