Tales of a Craft Room| Part 2

So you may remember me talking about the building work that we are having done at the moment…well it’s still an on going mission!  Unfortunately, due to a spate of bad weather, my dreams of it all being finished for Christmas are long gone.  Who knew that cement had an attitude problem and would only do it’s job under certain conditions! 


Lots and lots of cement foundations! This building should survive anything!

We also hit some other snags; foundations had to be dug much deeper than anticipated, which meant more concrete (still with an attitude!), deliveries of materials not arriving when they should, skip men not coming to collect the rubble on time, wind, rain, frost – you name it, we seemed to have it.

However slowly but surely we finally saw progress…the floor went down. Baby and I had great fun watching the men ankle deep in cement smoothing it out, then covering it up (got to treat that concrete right!).


A floor! A floor! So exciting if you are me!

The bricks arrived and the walls started going up quite quickly! 


Then all of a sudden the walls were finished and we got roof rafters! Next we wait for the roofing chaps to come and fix the roof, then we can add doors and windows – oh I can’t wait!  


It’s never easy having any sort of work done to your house or garden, and I am thoroughly sick of the mess but I can now start to visualise in my mind how it’s going to look and how I’m going to lay everything out – I can’t wait!

Until next time; keep calm and crochet on my friends xx


Tales of a Craft Room| Part 1

As well as having our new baby my husband and I decided upon the bright and wonderful idea of extending our house at the same time…

We are knocking down the conservatory that we hardly ever use (too cold in winter and boiling hot in summer) to have a heated brick building attachment built on the side of the house.  

When we brought the house, before I had Little G, we thought the conservatory was a fabulous thing to have and so very grown up. However with the changing needs of our growing family, and our desire never to move house again, we knew it was time for an alteration.


The conservatory only looked like this for a very short period of time…then we had children and it became a junk room of doom! Also RIP Mr Cabbage the dog… 

There is never a good time to start building work – sometimes you just have to get on with it so we decided to start the build whilst I was on maternity leave. As you can imagine we have discovered it’s a bit of an upheaval in our already ‘up-heaved’ lives! Cue days of the dulcet tones of a pneumatic drill, skips on the driveway, back doors having to be taken off and dust everywhere! It’s great fun 😑.


The conservatory part is dismantled, looks so strange!

It’s going to take awhile to build, and I can’t say I’m enjoying waiting for it to be done (I wish it could just be magic’d up straight away), but I’m rather excited about the finished product and I shall tell you why. Although extension is not just for me, it’s going to be a one size cram everything in it sort of room for everyone, I WILL finally have a dedicated area in there to store my craft materials – my lovely little yarn babies will have a home to call their own. 


All fall down…

Most of my yarn has been packed away safely in storage (sad times) and I have just 3 (quite large it must be said) boxes left out stacked behind my sofa for projects I’m working on. I’m still able to crochet, thank goodness, and that is helping me to keep (moderately) calm at least while the build goes on.


The groundwork’s for the foundation is now well underway so I’m hoping we will see new walls going up really soon…  In the meantime wish me luck on keeping my sanity whilst the build continues! Must just keep thinking about the end goal!

Until next time; keep calm and crochet on my friends xx