My daughter’s fifth birthday…


I’m in a reflective mood today so this post isn’t about crochet for a change!  My baby girl is turning 5 today which is a pretty big deal to me!


Five seems like such a grown up age, a real milestone, an age where babyhood is left behind as she begins to do all sorts of things by herself.  She’s going to school now, she’s beginning to read, she can pretty much get dressed by herself, she’s lost her first tooth…the list of her accomplishments grows and grows.  


I’m so proud of her independence and how she is maturing yet I have the secret sadness (that I’m sure many mothers share) that I’m not prepared for the fact that she is growing up so fast!48.jpg

I have to say I thought she was pretty incredible at 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4 and I know she’s going to continue to fill our lives with love, joy and laughter as she turns 5 (and older) but there is still a big part of me that wants her to stay little forever! I want her to keep her innocence, continue to believe in fairies, and still think that wearing a really twirly dress is the best thing ever (well do we ever grow out of that?).


As I see her getting older I know there will be a day where she doesn’t need me as much and whilst I know that will mean I have done a good job at the moment I can’t see that I will ever be ready for that day.  That said I know my memories of this time will fade, as these things inevitably do, as I concentrate on how fantastic my older child is.


But thank goodness we are not quite there yet!  Today I finished work early so I could be there when she finished school.  We’ve made fabulous ice-cream creations with her new Playdoh set, we’ve played with her other toys and then we’ve all gone out to her favourite restaurant for a birthday tea; lovely memories for all!


Well baby, I love you more than anything else in the world – even crochet! I hope you love your birthday as much as we love you!