Owl Familiar – Pattern Test

I love to test patterns for people as well as design my own and in March I did a test for Love to Be in Stitches but I couldn’t share it with you as it hadn’t been released yet.  Well it was released in April – so I have been a bit tardy with the reveal but I’ll do it now! 

It was my very great pleasure to test the ‘Owl Familiar’ amigurumi.  Check him out!  What an awesome pattern!


The pattern is easy to follow and I love the attention to detail on the claws and the feet!  There are instructions on how to embroider markings onto the wings but I cheated a little and used sidar stormcloud which reminded me of feathers and was in my stash (you can see it better on the photo below). 


I’m a bit owl mad anyway so I loved doing this test which is just perfect for all owl lovers, Harry Potter readers or Sheffield Wednesday fans!  Show a little love for the ‘Owl Familar’ and head on over to Love to Be in Stitches on Facebook where you will find links to her pattern stores where you can get your very own copy.


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