Pattern Test – Sakura Kokeshi Doll by Knotted Notions

You know me, I do love to test for other people as I am always so grateful that people take time out of their busy lives to test for me!  My patterns would not exist if it wasn’t thanks to the many very talented ladies over the years that have helped worked through my scribbles. 

However it’s been a while since I had any free time to test a pattern for someone but when I saw a call out for testers for this little Sakura Kokeshi Doll by Knotted Notions I fell in love so I offered to test it for her.  

I love the fact that the Kokeshi doll represents good fortune and who doesn’t need a bit of that in their lives! 


At the same time I decided to do the test the orchid in my bathroom came into flower and so already in a Japanese frame of mind and inspired by how beautiful it was I decided to pick up similar yarn shades for my doll.  My little Kokeshi doll stands at just over 8 inches high and is super cute; I love how she has turned out!


The Sakura Kokeshi Doll pattern is written in American Crochet Terminology and is now available in Amber’s Ravelry store for about £1.99 ($3.00 USD): 

Pattern Test – Gerald Giraffe Doll by Knotted Notions

So it’s been awhile since I had any free time to test a pattern for someone and I do so love to test patterns for people, I find it refreshing to be the other side!  So when the Amber at Knotted Notions messaged me to share a photo of her “Gerald and Gracie” giraffe doll saying she had been inspired by my ‘Spot the Giraffe’ blanket I told her she’d just got to let me test it for her! I tested Gerald (Gracie rocks some fabulous spiral hair!)

I seriously love how he came out and so does my little one (who claimed it on day one by saying ‘Are those giraffe legs for me?’).   

01+ Logo

If you’ve not checked out Knotted Notions then you really need to get yourself over there, amongst her other designs, she has some brilliant dolls to choice from; peacocks, trolls, mermaids, angels and fairies to name a few.


Gerald and Gracie are now available on Ravelry: 

Owl Familiar – Pattern Test

I love to test patterns for people as well as design my own and in March I did a test for Love to Be in Stitches but I couldn’t share it with you as it hadn’t been released yet.  Well it was released in April – so I have been a bit tardy with the reveal but I’ll do it now! 

It was my very great pleasure to test the ‘Owl Familiar’ amigurumi.  Check him out!  What an awesome pattern!

The pattern is easy to follow and I love the attention to detail on the claws and the feet!  There are instructions on how to embroider markings onto the wings but I cheated a little and used sidar stormcloud which reminded me of feathers and was in my stash (you can see it better on the photo below).

I’m a bit owl mad anyway so I loved doing this test which is just perfect for all owl lovers, Harry Potter readers or Sheffield Wednesday fans!  Show a little love for the ‘Owl Familar’ and head on over to Love to Be in Stitches on Facebook where you will find links to her pattern stores where you can get your very own copy.


March in a Nutshell aka Super Busy!!!

So it’s been a bit of a manic month!  Lots of changes in my day job has meant that I have been very busy at work this month…and then I’ve come home I’ve had lots of things to do there too!  I seem to have organised things as such that I have had lots of things to complete (tests and orders), get released (lots of new patterns this month) and pass over to my wonderful testers (to help turn my scribbles into sense).

This month  I released 4 new patterns (which I think is a record for me!) and a new FREE pattern into the world…

Getting ready for Easter (and adding to my ‘On the Shelf’ amigurumi’s) I released my ‘Bunny on the Shelf‘ pattern at the beginning of March.  I had such a time trying to get the feet just how I’d pictured them in my head but they came together in the end!  I’ve have had such positive feedback about him; mainly how people love his cheeks! This pattern has kept me busy with orders I’ve had for Easter; I’ve got three to finish up this weekend and I am excited about making two in different colours.


Next release was Nanuk the Polar Bear lovey which was my first ever lovey design; I blogged about him already so you can read all about his creation here.  I was super excited when he made number 9 for a short time  on the ‘Hot Right Now list’  (for purchased crochet patterns) over on Ravelry (I’m still aiming for that no.1 slot at least once!).


I also finished off an order / new pattern for my first ever baby cocoon -it’s definitely been a month of firsts!  This caterpillar set was so fun to work on and is super squiggly soft and snuggly.  Unfortunately for me the baby it was ordered for isn’t even born yet so I’m going to have to wait awhile for cute customer photos!

Chunky Newborn Caterpillar Cocoon Set / Sleep-Sack / Photo Prop Set

My new Afghan square pattern this month (for my self set mini challenge to create a new Afghan Square every month for 2014) was my Solomon’s Cross pattern which I blogged about here.  I was really pleased with this square and I’m just waiting for someone to make a blanket out of the pattern and send me the photo (hint, hint!)

Solomon's Knot Afghan Square

The free pattern which I shared this month was little Betty Prickles; if you’ve not got your copy of Betty yet then why not pick up one now and have someone keep your pins safe.  Finally I also managed to fit in two pattern tests this month…one that I can’t share yet and the other was the fabulous Exterminator Hat I blogged about here.  Busy, busy, busy month…wonder what April’s got in store for me!



‘The Exterminator’ Hat Test

I love to test patterns for people as well as design my own and a recent call out for a hat test from Crafty Ridge had me once again running to my yarn stash.  Sometimes you just see something and think ‘that is just so cool’ – well this was definitely one of those times!  Although it might look a bit tricky the hat is actually quite simple and quick to make up (it took me a little under 2 evenings).


It’s just a fabulous hat for sci-fi fans with great attention to detail; I love the ‘metal’ ridges on the body of the hat and the gun barrel/eye is actually 3-D which is just awesome!  


The pattern fits teen to adult and has now been released into the world so make sure you pop over to Crafty Ridge‘s Facebook page for more details on where you can get your copy. 

Chunky Beanie Hat Test

I love to test patterns for people as well as design my own and a recent call out for a hat test from Inspired by Ainsley for anyone that had some super bulky yarn and a 9mm (size M) hook handy had me running to my yarn stash.  I knew I had some beautiful yarn spare that I had just not found the right project for yet and knew that the one I had in mind would be perfect.

The yarn from the stash mountain was Tivoli Cloud yarn which is a 80% acrylic and 20% wool combination but is so squishy and soft. I’d loved the dusky red colour and brought it on impulse (as you do) and I am so glad that I had now found the ‘something’ to use it on.  The added bonus was I knew it would match my little ones coat perfectly.

Pattern test for Inspired by Ainsley

Pattern test for Inspired by Ainsley

I actually love everything about this hat; its chunky texture is just gorgeous, it looks fabulous on and I got to learn a new stitch that I had never done before which is always fun. The pattern has sizes for newborn, baby and adult and is scheduled to be released on Friday 31st January so make sure you pop by Inspired by Ainsley Facebook page for more details on where to get your copy.