Little Yellow Duck Project (Part 1)

So in December I was searching the web looking for something to make and I came across The Little Yellow Duck Project .  I started to read about the project, which is to spread a bit of happiness and to raise awareness of donating blood, bone marrow, organ or tissue donation, and thought it was just a fabulous idea and something I would really like to be involved in.  

So I decided to pledge ten little ducks that I would hook up and hide as part of the project – you can see the little ducks I made below along with a round up of the patterns I used. 

I also got in touch with The Little Yellow Duck Project to offer my services to create a brand new free duck crochet pattern which they could use and I was very excited when they said yes!  But more about that tomorrow…

So here are the ducks I made up.  I made two of each pattern and Little G had great fun playing with all the ducks.  Most of the patterns are extremely quick and easy to make – great little afternoon projects.  

The duck patterns I used came either from patterns that have been created by designers especially for the Little Yellow Duck Project (click here) or from the other patterns suggested for use as part of the Little Yellow Duck Ravelry Group (click here).  

Just Duckie Lovey by Lisa van Klaveren / Holland Designs


Lil’ Duck by Karla Fitch


Cheep cheep the crochet chick by Janette Williams


Yellow Duckling by Justyna Kacprzak


Now I’ve just got to give them some names and hide them all.  If you have some good duck name suggestions (besides the obvious Daffy and Donald let me know, I need 10 names!) …and if you find one of my ducks I hope you will add it to The Little Yellow Duck Project  map and let me know, I’d love to hear from you.

Don’t forget to pop back for tomorrows post which will have the pattern instructions for my little duckling.

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