Pattern Release: Springs Grace Ponchette

Today I’m excited to finally release my Springs Grace Ponchette which finally, thanks to folks who commented on my Facebook page, now has a name!  


The Springs Grace Ponchette is perfect for Spring or any time the weather doesn’t know quite what to do with itself!


This is a quick project intermediate pattern worked in a combination of rows and rounds using two strands of double knit and a 7mm hook.  

I used Stylecraft special double knit in ‘Claret’ because I loved the super squishy loveliness and drape of my Margaret’s Hug Shawl  and wanted to create the same sort of feel for the Ponchette.

Click here to add the Spring Grace Ponchette to your Favourites and Ravelry Queue. 

AND to celebrate the release of the pattern I’m  a 40% discount on Ravelry for a week (no coupon needed) so grab yourself a copy quick!

3 thoughts on “Pattern Release: Springs Grace Ponchette

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