The HOLIDAY Crochet Pattern BUNDLE- Limited Offer!


Hey folks, how are you? Now I don’t know about you but as the days are getting colder I just want to snuggle up somewhere cosy and crochet ALL the things!

If you were on the look out for some new patterns to work on then the Holiday Crochet Pattern Bundle has just opened!

Hang on, I hear you say, what IS the Holiday Crochet Pattern Bundle? Well you’ve probably seen times where a group of crocheters get together to offer a limited time bundle of patterns, at a heavily subsidised price? Maybe you’ve even bought one? I know I have! Well it’s just that, and this time I’m joining in with one of my designs.

And I’m not the only one, the Holiday Crochet Pattern Bundle features over 40+ designer crochet patterns hand picked for your holiday / Christmas season. Best part of all you can get them all for 90% off – sounds too good to be true? It’s not, it only works when we designers club together to make a limited offer. Loads of cool crochet patterns for you + supporting indie designers = win, win, right?!

The pattern I’ve included in the bundle is the Sugar Plum Christmas Stocking which you may remember featured in Crochet Now magazine last December. It’s a perfect pattern for this time of the year as it’s fast and quick to make. As it’s made with really thick yarn you can whip up this fabulously chunky stocking in no time. I used King Cole Timeless Super Chunky with a both a 8mm hook and a 9mm hook. The finished stocking works up at about 50cm long x 21cm wide so plenty of room to fit in presents!

There’s some really fab designs on offer in this bundle! All the designs have been carefully selected to provide you with a good range of crochet patterns from amazing designers.

This bundle has every holiday worthy patterns and gift-appropriate patterns you could ever need; from home décor to garments, to accessories to amigurumi to so much more! As I said, you can get your hands on 40 different patterns at 90% off, but the catch is it’s only available for FIVE days! Click here to get your hands on the bundle before it’s gone forever!!

What’s in it for you? Well not only can you pick up loads of great discounted patterns, you also get to support some indie crochet designers, like myself, who potentially get a little bit of commission money if you click on and buy the bundle from their link (pick mine ‘hint, hint’ – but only if you want to xx). It’s how many of us are able to continue creating crochet patterns for you to enjoy.

So go and grab your copy, I don’t want you to miss out! Go get my Sugar Plum Stocking in the Holiday Crochet Pattern Bundle – there’s no time to waste as this bundle will no longer be available for purchase after Friday 12 November 2021.

So main bits again in a nutshell, fabbo bundle, sale only lasts for FIVE days, after that the Holiday Crochet Pattern Bundle won’t exist anymore – so what are you waiting for, go grab your copy at the link below.

Until next time folks! Happy hooking, keep calm and crochet on my friends xx


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