I Like Crochet Magazine | Sweeping Swirls Scarf

Here in the UK it’s definitely the time of year for wrapping up warmly and if you are looking for a bright way to start the new year then you might want to check out the latest issue of I Like Crochet magazine.

© I Like Crochet – February 2021

I’m excited to share with you my first design of 2021! The Sweeping Swirls scarf is out now in the February 2021 edition of I Like Crochet and what better way to wrap up is there than with a warm and woollen scarf. It’s inspired by the comeback of swirling tie dye patterns which have seen a resurgence during the pandemic.

To wanted to try and pull in the mixture of colours you can find in tie dye patterns so I used a Lion Brand Mandala yarn cake, (100% Acrylic); [540 meters] / 150 grams) in Chimera (Shade 204, 1 ball), which is made of blended colours which change as you crochet. The shade I used (Chimera) is actually a range of muted jewel tones which I love; though Lion Brand Mandala‘s are available in a wide range of ‘enchanting’ colours.

Lion Brand Mandala is a double knit yarn which I used previously on my Shades of Grey Scarf. It’s actually really nice and soft to work with and I do like to create patterns that just use a single yarn cake, which this one does. I decided to edge the scarf with a cute turquoise bobble trim, picking up on one of the shades in the yarn cake, and I love the final look.

© I Like Crochet – February 2021

This scarf utilises filet crochet to create swirls on a backdrop of colour; if you are new to crochet then a filet scarf might seem a bit far out of the range of your talent, but filet crochet is made up of two simple stitches: the chain and treble (US double crochet). This is also a great beginner project as once you get started you will just work back and forth in rows.

This scarf was actually designed with a beginner in mind, though I’m sure a more accomplished crocheter would enjoy it as an enjoyable project too. The pattern is very easy and repetitive, perfect for crocheting on the go or in front of the TV.

© I Like Crochet – February 2021


As well as my scarf the February 2021 October edition features loads of seasonal patterns and a range of interesting articles. If you SUBSCRIBE you can get the magazine straight to your desktop or iPad as well as access to lots of other extra crochet bonus material.

© I Like Crochet – February 2021

If you hook up the Sweeping Swirls scarf I hope you’ll share your projects with me on social media as I’d I love to see them.

Until next time folks! Happy hooking and keep calm and crochet on my friends xx


Looking back at 2020 | Hooky Mahoosive!

Hooky New Year everyone! I’m going to start of with a positive greeting to everyone – and I do hope you are all well. 2020 for me and my family has been rather a horror, but I’m not going to dwell on that here, I’m going to talk about what you are all here for – the crochet!

Somehow amidst home-schooling and lockdowns I managed to do ALOT of crochet in 2020. But like so many of you I’m sure, crocheting was just one of those things that helped to calm me, kept me sane and helped me to get through the year.

So let’s have a quick look back at this amass of crochet shall we…you might want to grab a cuppa first, it’s rather a long post.

January 2020

I can’t believe how long ago last January seems now (what a long year 2020 has been!). I created eight patterns in January, which is quite a lot! There were unicorns and a fairy with a toadstool and a pool that I designed for Let’s Get Crafting Knitting and Crochet magazine, and donkeys, horses, and dogs galore for my Deramores Designer Shop.

There was also little Reginald Rat to celebrate 2020 as the Year of the Rat. I’d actually set myself a mini challenge to try to release 12 new independent designs in 2020, I only managed 9, but I’m not going to beat myself up about it, I can always try again this year…

February 2020

February started off quite exciting with the Waverly Kisses scarf shortlisted in the Unravel a Festival of Yarn 2020 design competition! I still love how the design and the hand dyed yarn work together on this scarf – I really want to make myself another one of these one day in a different hand dyed colourway to see how it comes out.

There were bunny bonnets and lambs for Let’s Get Crafting Knitting and Crochet magazine and another new release from me the Bramble Saddle Bag, I still love how that one turned out, it just worked out just how I envisioned – I love it when designs work like that.

© keepcalmandcrochetonuk.com 2020

March & April 2020

March and April’s colour scheme seemed to be filled with oranges, reds, yellows and pinks. It was filled with bunnies, which are actually one of my favourite animals to make, such as my Battenburg Bunny and my Deramores Bunny which I think is my first creature to sport a snazzy pair of dungarees.

© keepcalmandcrochetonuk.com 2020

There were also monster bags and flamingos for Let’s Get Crafting Knitting and Crochet magazine and another of my favourite designs of 2020 which was my Pomtastic Tassel Basket which appeared inside issue 55 of Crochet Now magazine.

There was also the Nessa Cowl and a blanket called Don’t Box Me In (which is available for free) that I designed especially for Dear Ewe as sometimes I sneak in some new crochet designs over there too!

© Dear Ewe Designs (2020)

May & June 2020

It’s hard to make a designer choose a favourite design but if you twisted my arm some of my favourite designs of 2020 were created in May and June; including Timmy the Tribal Cactus, and possibly one of my most favourite shawl designs ever, the Pelagia Shawl which was inside issue 56 of Crochet Now magazine

© Crochet Now Issue 56 (2020)

The rest of the month was filled with amigurumi’s like the caterpillar for Let’s Get Crafting Knitting and Crochet magazine and a Teddy Bear for Deramores, and blankets like the Boxing Rainbows (which is free here on the blog) and the XOXO Anchor baby blanket (that one’s free on the Anchor website).

July / August 2020

There was a mammoth twelve new designs released in July and August – sometimes I find that things you are working on do come together all at once!

There was an amigurumi surfer girl, a unicorn, a bag and a bottle holder for Let’s Get Crafting Knitting and Crochet magazine, there was the Chevron Flair Cowl (which I really LOVE) and a mug cozy in the U.S I Like Crochet Magazine and the Summer Wrapsody Shawl in issue 58 of Crochet Now magazine.

There were also three crochet square motifs for the 100th Issue of Simply Crochet Magazine, a giant amgiurumi pencil in issue 77 of U.S Happily Hooked magazine, and finally the Perfect Puff Pillow which is free over on the Anchor Yarn website – phew!

September / October 2020

As the the weather turned cooler and our thoughts perhaps turned towards Christmas there were some more autumnal makes for September and October – another twelve designs in total, and one for Dear Ewe for luck!

The one that I was really honoured to be part of was creating the pattern for the Remembrance Day poppy for The Royal British Legion and Deramores.

Then there was the Granny Squared brimmed hat for U.S I Like Crochet Magazine, the Come Bye Cowl for Dear Ewe, and another cowl, the Flourite Filet cowl, which is a great quick and easy stash buster. Then there were the Pastel Pandas and the start of the free Festive Skittles crochet along for Let’s Get Crafting Knitting and Crochet magazine in which an angel and a solider also appeared.

Then there were parrots and pumpkins for my Deramores Designer Shop and the Sweet Sighs Shawl and mini hanging Haus decorations in Issues 60 and 61 of Crochet Now magazine.

November / December 2020

And that brings us nearly up to date with some more recent pattern releases (in fact I’m sure some of the later magazines designs are still available in the shops). There was actually 17 patterns that came out in November and December – though I’ll hasten to add that they were spread out a bit through the year when I was actually making them!

There was the end of the free Festive Skittles crochet along for Let’s Get Crafting Knitting and Crochet magazine along with a sweet camel and a kitten. Another cat, one of my favourite designs of 2020, it’s Pusheen! Then there were also stockings, wreaths and the whole Wonderland Gang also in issues of Crochet Now magazine.

Then there was the fabulous collaboration with the wonderful Yarn Whisperer for the Solstice Garden MAL! It was so wonderful to see the projects you crafted along with us for that. Then there was the Iska Mitts in the Wool on the Exe book (available here), the free Anchor Angel amigurumi, a Polar Bear and two types of Christmas tree designs for my Deramores Designer Shop and finally my free Christmas Mushroom tree decoration.

As well as that lot I also managed to some how squeeze in hooking up some patterns by some other designers including a Faberge Egg, the Positivity Spiral Cowl, Disney Princesses Aurora and Belle, a Forest Valley Shawl, a Ricorumi Lion and a It’s Not Knitted Beanie.

Woah when you look at it like that, that seems like a crazy amount of crocheting! Who knows how many items I’ve actually crocheted this year but counting multiples of things both large and small I’d have to say my output much be reaching the over 100 mark, what do you recon?

It’s been a busy ole year! I’m not sure I’ve ever had a year where I’ve crocheted so much! But I’d like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you, my design work goes to support my family, so when you buy a pattern or a magazine, no matter how big or small, it really does mean the world to us.

What’s in store for 2021?

Well I’m delighted to say that I’ve got some new patterns coming to you soon from some of my favourite crochet magazines, there are a couple of new designs planned for my Deramores Designer Shop, a new exciting summer collaboration with the wonderful Yarn Whisperer, more collaborations with the lovely folks at Anchor Yarn and of course (finally) a BRAND NEW Crochet Along!!! More on that soon soon!! I can’t wait to share it all with you!

I’m not going to set any resolutions specifically for 2021, but what I want to work on is to try and making sure my patterns are more accessible. This will including updating old patterns, releasing patterns that once appeared only in magazines, and making sure that my patterns are available on different platforms like Ravelry, LoveCrafts and Etsy to give people the choice of where to purchase from. As you can imagine it’s quite a feat to get all my patterns in order – and it won’t be quick, as if I’m honest they do get pushed to the bottom of the list more often than not, but it is on the list!

I’m also looking forward to bringing you some new free patterns here on the blog for you to enjoy too, I’d love to hear what you’d like to see, more amigurumi? Blankets? Things for the home? Let me know below!

Here’s to a thoroughly hooky 2021!

Until next time folks! Happy hooking, keep calm and crochet on my friends xx


I Like Crochet Magazine | Granny Square Brim Hat

Granny Square month might be over, but if you’ve not yet had your fill then you might just like a fun new design that I’ve created which is out now in the October 2020 edition of I Like Crochet magazine.

© I Like Crochet – October 2020

It’s a hat with a granny square brim! I wanted to show how versatile a little square motif could be – they’re not just for blankets!

Although you can see it modelled on a child (for extreme cuteness factors), the size I made was to fit an average woman’s size head – roughly 58cm (23”) circumference. I used a 5.5mm hook size, but you could make a smaller size by either using a smaller hook, thinner yarn or making less increases at the top of the hat to effectively remove the size of a square motif on the brim.

This design was actually designed with a beginner in mind, though I’m sure a more accomplished crocheter would enjoy it as a quick and easy project too.

It works up really quickly as it’s made in Aran / Worsted weight yarn. I used Stylecraft Special Aran (100% Acrylic); [196 meters] / 100 grams) in Parchment (Shade 1218, 1 ball), Aspen (Shade 1422, 1 ball) and Pomegranate (Shade 1083, 1 ball) and had enough of the colours left over I think to make a whole other hat (though with a colour rearrangement).

© I Like Crochet – October 2020

Then I topped off the hat with a lovely giant pom pom which was great fun to make (though of course a pumpkin works too!). And of course I know a great little shop for pom pom makers if you need one; Yarnybobs has lots of different sized pom pom makers to fluff up your creativity 😉.


As well as my granny square brimmed hat the October edition features loads of seasonal patterns and a range of interesting articles. If you SUBSCRIBE you can get the magazine straight to your desktop or iPad as well as access to lots of other extra crochet bonus material.

© I Like Crochet – October 2020

If you hook up the Granny Square Brimmed Hat I hope you’ll share your projects with me on social media as I’d I love to see them.

Until next time folks! Happy hooking and keep calm and crochet on my friends xx


I Like Crochet Magazine | Cup Cozies and Cowls

Squee! Guess what! I’m on the front cover of the new August issue of I Like Crochet! Well not me per say, but a very lovely model is on the front cover modelling my new Chevron Flair Cowl!

© I Like Crochet – August 2020

Chevron patterns are a bit of a classic, crochet staple aren’t they – I always think chevron crochet designs are not only fun to make but it produces such a great effect which even a beginner crocheter can achieve.

This design was actually designed with a beginner in mind, though I’m sure a more accomplished crocheter would enjoy a project of some lovely mindful rhythmic stitching – I know I did when making up the cowl.

© I Like Crochet – August 2020

I designed Chevron Flair Cowl using a fresh modern colour palette of Scheepjes Merino Soft DK yarn in Michelangelo: 603, Renior: 624, Ernst: 653 and Waterhouse: 649. I totally love these colours together!

If you’re not familiar with Scheepjes Merino Soft DK yarn it’s made up from 50% Wool Superwash Merino, 25% Microfiber and 25% Acrylic and is just SO squishy and lovely to work with. It was my first time using it, but I really enjoyed putting this cowl together using this yarn, and would definitely use it again for a future project.


The cowl is light enough to wear on summer nights and warm enough for the first chilly days of autumn – the perfect accessory addition to your wardrobe in my opinion.

I sort of echoed the palette of the cowl with another design I have in this particular edition. As well as the Chevron Flair Cowl you can also find my Coffee Bean Stitch Mug Cozy.

© I Like Crochet – August 2020

This is a great stash busting pattern for bits of cotton yarn you might have in your stash. In this instance I used Garnstudio DROPS Paris in Light Old Pink: 59, Sage Green (62), Plum (66) and Rust (65).

Be the envy of all your friends, colleagues and fellow commuters with this cup cozy that will protect your hands from the heat of a piping hot cup of joe!

And what better stitch to use for a coffee mug cozy than the bean stitch? Soft, puffy and complete with a buttoned closure, I think this mug cosy puts the “fun” in functional.

© I Like Crochet – August 2020

As well as my chevron inspired patterns the August edition features over 19 summer / fall patterns and a range of interesting articles. SUBSCRIBE TODAY for a copy of the magazine straight to your desktop or iPad.

If you hook up the Chevron Flair Cowl or the Coffee Bean Stitch Mug Cozy I hope you’ll share your projects with me on social media as I’d I love to see them.

Until next time folks! Happy hooking and keep calm and crochet on my friends xx


Yarny Bobs Special Offer

Ever have those times where you just need a little bit of yarn for a project, or perhaps some small amounts of double knit yarn in certain colours? Or maybe you just LOVE making pom poms or want to make pom poms with the kids but don’t want to have loads of yarn hanging around your house?

Maybe you want to teach someone to knit or crochet – but don’t want to scare them with loads of yarn? Well that’s where my new Etsy store ‘Yarny Bobs’ comes in.

Yarnybobs is a new place to pick up yarn oddment sets which are ideal for all sorts of mini projects such as creating pom pom garlands and wreaths, learning to knit and crochet or french knitting projects.

They are also perfect for little ones school and craft projects, or other little mixed media art projects where you just need small amounts of yarn. Just let your creativity run wild!

I’m actually a big pom pom fan, I find it very therapeutic making pompoms, just winding the wool round and round, it’s a really mindful sort of project. In fact pom poms are probably one of the first yarn related crafts I ever did as a child!

I remember making loads of them, and then french knitting a short strip and adding a pom pom on the end for a bookmark that everyone had for Christmas!

Pom poms are such a great way to get kids involved in crafts, they don’t take long so offer a nice quick crafty reward! But it’s a craft that all age groups seem to be attracted to because it’s just fun to make a pom pom – and it doesn’t matter how old you are, everyone just wants to have a bit of fun in their lives don’t they!

If you like looking at pretty pom poms or are looking for a bit of yarn oddment inspiration you should check out the Yarny Bobs Pinterest board, I’ve been busy pinning lots of lovely fluffy things!

As well as yarn oddments in the Yarny Bobs Etsy store I’m also selling full pom pom kits. These DIY kits come with yarn, 2 x large Knitpro Nirvana pom pom makers, and a pair of sharp scissors (with a protective sheath) which are perfect for snipping those pom pom’s into the perfect shape!

And I’d like to offer my lovely blog followers a special 10% off their first order from the Yarny Bobs Etsy Store. Until 30 June 2020 just add code: KCACOUK

So fluff up your creativity with some yarn oddments from Yarny Bobs today! I can’t wait to see what you get up to!

Until next time folks! Happy hooking and keep calm and crochet on my friends xx


My Woolswap Experience

If you are reading this in real time then if you’ve received a parcel recently then you’ve probably had to put it in quarantine due to Covid-19. It’s a very strange (but needed) thing to do, and it actually led to exciting ‘opening’ anticipation – because I signed up for my very first fibre swap experience.

I’ve never tried a yarn swap before so thought I’d try one as an experiment; the one I chose to go with for my first time is called WoolSwap. I’d heard about WoolSwap through Dear Ewe (as we’d signed up to give a discount for woolswappers) and thought it looked really fun.


If you are unfamiliar with yarn-swapping programmes in a nutshell you pay a fee to be part of a swap, you are paired with someone, and then you swap your yarn. The fee part is there to help cover anyone that doesn’t end up getting a present for whatever reason, so I didn’t mind paying that, plus it’s all organised for you. Through the swap you get the opportunity to meet someone new, and get a fun yarny present in return.

As it was a trial run for me I signed up to the small package deal which was $8.00 / £6.45 with a minimum of 100g yarn to swap. Then you wait for your match with the person you are sending to being the person you will also receive from.

My Match

My match could have been anyone in the UK (though I chose to keep just to the UK this time rather than worldwide) and I had to laugh as I was paired with the lovely Jane who lives about 13 miles away from me.

I got a little bio about her from the Woolswap team, with her details, which gave me some details of the sorts of things she liked. She said that she was a crocheter (which was good for me!), that she liked greens and purples and she’d love some heavier weight yarns as she had a lot of sock yarns already in her stash.

Although the minimum was to send 100g you could decide on an amount to send each other, and we chatted a bit over Instagram before we made the initial swap. That was the only thing I found tricky, not the talking to Jane (who seems lovely), but I would have loved for things to have been a bit more specific, only because I didn’t want to disappoint anyone, and I was a bit unsure how things were supposed to be with it being my first swap.

What I sent

I totally forgot to take a photo of what I sent Jane, as I wanted to get things sent off, but I decided to go with ‘green’ as my theme (as I do so love a theme). I sent 500g in total in all DK and Aran weights including: 2 x West Yorkshire Spinners Aran – Aire Valley in Mojito and one of the same brand in a corresponding solid green called Emerald. I thought 300g would be enough to make a good shawl or small lap blanket.

Mojito, Emerald and Forest Heather

I also sent a 100g skein of Cascade 220 Superwash DK called Heather’s just because it’s called ‘Heathers’! I chose a gorgeous green called Forest Heather (and I may have treated myself to some Heather yarn for myself too -ooopss!) and a 100g skein of hand dyed DK yarn by the fabulous indie dyer Siobhan Crafts which I want to say was called OOAK mermaid (but I could be wrong).

And as little gifts I sent her some Dear Ewe goodies including a WIP project bag, as I thought it would be a handy place to put her new yarn, some WIP project cards, for all her new projects with her new yarn, and some of the yarn lovers prop cards, for photo opportunities once she has made some lovely things from her new yarn.

What I received

When my box came out of quarantine I was super excited to finally open it, I even did an unboxing on IGTV filmed by my lovely 9 year old. Yarnwise I received 2 x 50g of Hobbycraft ‘Catch a Wave’ yarn which I’ve never tried before, I got 2 x little 10g yarn and colors mini’s to try (green & purple), which again I’ve never used before and a 25g ball of White Ricorumi which I use a lot so that will come in handy.

I was also gifted 2 hand dyed mini skeins which I think were both from Mothy and the Squid; one is a 20g which is variegated reds with black flecks called ‘Red Octopus’ and the other looks to be 10g mini that is orange with black flecks (this one I couldn’t see a label, though I might have thrown it away by accident in my opening frenzy). I’ve always wanted to make an amigurumi in hand dyed yarn and these might be fun to use for that with them just being little amounts – maybe I should take inspiration from the yarn name and make an octopus!

Then the pièce de résistance in terms of yarn was an absolutely gorgeous 100g skein of RiverKnits hand-dyed yarn called ‘Mermaid’ which is a Superwashed Blue Faced Leicester yarn. I recently purchased from Provence Crafts the Positivity Spiral Cowl as part of #OperationSJW and because it’s gorgeous. It uses 100g so I think I’ll use that to make the cowl, and it seems highly appropriate as if you’ve ever watched Faye’s Crochet Circle Podcast you will know she’s a big fan of RiverKnits yarn.

The rest of the parcel was filled with fun little knick knacks including; a little crochet cactus amigurumi, Clipper organic sleep easy tea bags, a grey faux fur pom, some Easter Caramel Shortcake bits, a little cactus print mini project bag, some mini Little Box of Crochet pattern books and goodies, some stitch markers, some crochet hooks, mini notebooks and pen and a thriller book.

All the gifts were beautifully wrapped, with little handmade messages on, so it felt like Christmas! Jane also sent a gorgeous handmade felted scene card which was beautiful.

Final thoughts on Woolswap

I really enjoyed the whole WoolSwap experience. I had great fun putting together a parcel for my swap partner, and have a little more ideas of things I could include in future swaps. It’s been a great way to get to know new people as Jane and I chatted about other things other than the swap including kids in lockdown. And aside from the fun of just receiving a gift / parcel just for me, it’s been really fun to receive yarn that I’ve never tried before.

All in all it’s been a very positive experience and a fibre swap is something I will definitely consider doing again in the future. Have you done fibre swaps before? How was your experience? Would you recommend any particular one you’ve tried? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Until next time folks! Happy hooking, keep calm and crochet on my friends xx


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Pattern Release & Giveaway | Waverley Kisses Scarf

Well what a time we are having folks! Covid 19 or coronavirus has many of us feeling anxious I’m sure. It has already impacted on every aspect of our lives and we’re left feeling worried about loved ones. Although crafting isn’t the answer to everything it can provide us with something positive and practical to focus on can’t it!

So in the hope that I can momentarily distract you or keep you occupied during lock down I was going to tell you that I’ve had my Waverley Kisses Scarf back from the Unravel Festival.

It’s now available for purchase on Ravelry but I thought I’d spread a little cheer by having a giveaway! So I’m giving away a couple copies of the Waverley Kisses Scarf pattern here on the blog, a couple on Facebook and a couple on my Instagram (so if you don’t have one method of entering you might have another). 


This lovely and organically shaped wave scarf includes a fun crossed stitch in the design which creates a lovely subtle texture that you just want to run your hands over. Combine that with some beautiful yarn to make a winning combination scarf!


How to enter simply tell me what colour you’d make your scarf in and be sure to let your friends know about this giveaway too!

Bonus Entry: Re-pin any of the pictures on this post and copy & paste the URL of your re-pin in the comments below. 

Winners will be randomly chosen on Friday 27 March 2020

Until next time folks! Happy hooking and keep calm and crochet on my friends x

The Spring Crochet Bundle is here!

I’m rather excited today and I shall tell you why;

1. It’s March and Spring is starting or just around the corner (hopefully!);
2. The Spring Crochet Pattern Bundle sale just opened!

Hang on, I hear you say, what IS the Spring Crochet Pattern Bundle? Well you’ve probably seen times where a group of crocheters get together to offer a limited time bundle of patterns, at a heavily subsidised price? Maybe you’ve even bought one? I know I have! Well it’s just that, and this time I’m joining in with one of my designs.

And I’m not the only one, the Spring Crochet Pattern Bundle features over 30+ designer crochet patterns hand picked for your Spring season.

There’s some really fab designs on offer in this bundle! All the designs have been carefully selected to provide you with a good range of crochet patterns from amazing designers! 

This bundle has every Spring worthy pattern you could ever need – I think you’re going to love them! You can see all 40 designs available in the Spring Crochet Pattern Bundle here, and because we have all joined together they are heavily subsidised which means you guys get 90% discount off buying them all individually.

In the bundle is my Spring Blossom Wrap which you may remember appeared in the April 2016 issue of I Like Crochet Magazine. It’s an airy shawl that provides just the right amount of warmth for a chilly spring day and can add a fabulously floral feel to any outfit!

From shawls and sweaters to adorable amigurumi and toys, the Spring Crochet Pattern Bundle has every pattern you could ever need as we travel into a more temperate season or, if you are a fun seasonal project.

What’s in it for you? Well not only can you pick up 40 great patterns for next to nothing, you also get to support some indie crochet designers who potentially get a little bit of commission money if you click on and buy the bundle from their link (pick mine ‘hint, hint’ – but only if you want to xx).

40 cool crochet patterns + supporting indie designers = win, win, right!

But here’s the key bit about this bundle! The sale only lasts for FIVE days! After Friday (midnight PST on 13 March 2020), you won’t be able to grab the Spring Crochet Pattern Bundle anymore – it just won’t exist! It’s a limited only deal – so make sure you don’t miss out on snagging your copy of the Spring Crochet Pattern Bundle.

So celebrate and enjoy the Spring season with us and grab your bundle here.

Until next time folks! Happy hooking, keep calm and crochet on my friends xx


Votes for Kisses | Unravel Design Competition

Did the title get your attention? Want to know what it’s all about – well I shall tell you, because I’m looked for help from my lovely blog readers! Excitingly I’ve had got a brand new pattern that’s been shortlisted in the Unravel 2020 design competition called The Waverley Kisses Scarf…

There’s nine designs now up for a public vote to pick a winner which will be launched at Unravel as part of their show guide during the festival on 21-23 February 2020.

Unravel is a three day yarn show in Farnham Maltings in Surrey. There’s over 80 exhibitors, craft shops and workshops and all the other lovely things you’d expect at a woolly festival! I’ve never actually had the opportunity to attend yet but I’ve heard only good things about Unravel!

You know me, I do love a bit of a crochet challenge, so when I saw the call for designers to enter their design competition on Instagram I thought I’d give it a bash!

My idea for the scarf comes from my own, and I’m guessing many other’s experience, of yarn shows. You know the times where you see some gorgeous yarn that you fall completely in love with so you have to take it home with you. But you didn’t have a plan when you bought it and now you don’t know what to make with just one skein!

Such as this gorgeous handyed skein that I had of Devon Sun Yarns … That’s where the Waverly Kisses Scarf comes in!

This lovely and organically shaped wave scarf includes a fun crossed stitch in the design which creates a lovely subtle texture that you just want to run your hands over. Combine that with some beautiful yarn to make a winning combination scarf that everyone is sure to admire whenever you wear it.


I’m really chuffed with how this design turned out. It was one of those that just worked from conception to completion just how I wanted it too and I love everything about it.

So here’s where I need your help! The voting started at 5pm today and will run until 11:59pm GMT on Monday, 27 January. The person with the highest vote at the end will win.

Supporters can vote once per day and will need to enter a valid email address. You can choose to opt-in to receive emails from the yarn festival but of course that is not mandatory to vote! 📷

I’ll be doing reminders on all my social media but the link to vote is below:


I’m asking for your votes not just for me, but crochet is at stake (against knitting) and it would be great for it to have a feature!

There are so many amazing designs from inventive designers that have been shortlisted and I’d like to wish the best of luck to all the designers taking part! … now go vote for Waverley Kisses!

Until next time folks! Happy hooking and keep calm and crochet on my friends x

P. S If you share on Instagram on your stories be sure to let me know so I can send you some kisses back!

The most wonderful time of the year…Christmas at The Crochet Sanctuary

When I was asked if I might like to do another workshop at The Crochet Sanctuary, and this time the Christmas one, I may have squealed a little bit in my head! Christmas is my MOSTEST favourite time of the year and I was delighted to be given the opportunity to come up with a fun festive design.

If you’ve not heard about The Crochet Sanctuary before it’s a crochet retreat set in the beautiful Cranage Hall in Crewe. The hosts of the sanctuary, Lisa and Lynda-Rose, always plan an amazing weekend for their guests and it’s usually extra special at Christmas – and this time it was no different!

On this occasion we were a nice cosy group of about 20 weekenders (to be joined by roughly 5 more day guests on the Saturday). The room we were in, as always, was arranged with a circle of comfy chairs covered in crochet blankets and cushions to make ourselves at home.

Excitingly this weekend myself, with my Dear Ewe hat on, and fellow small business owner Mrs G Makes had a pop up shop in the room, and Amanda from Craftopia had a pop up shop in her van!

It was really nice for me to let people see the Dear Ewe products up close as I think it’s a totally different experience from seeing them just on your computer screen. And it gave me a chance to try out my new stall display format as Dear Ewe is hopefully going on the road in 2020 to some yarn shows near you….

We started off the afternoon with a really fun ice-breaker to get to know each other with us having to confess a time when we’d been naughty. Santa presided over us and checked his list to see if he agreed that we’d been naughty or nice! Apparently I was naughty – I’m sure that can’t be right!? And then we were all given a present…if you are Instagram you need to check out this video to see our reactions!

Inside the parcel was our very own Scheepjes Whirligig which was just unbelievable! I’ve been drooling (like so many others I’m sure) over these since they were released earlier this year. These decadent gigantic yarn cakes (1000m / 450g) are a super soft blend of alpaca and virgin wool and have gorgeous long repeats. Mine is the pink to plum version which is a pale pink that transitions to rich plums and deep purples. It was definitely love at first sight!

We were given two patterns to choose from, either the Scheepjes Valyria Shawl by Johanna Lindahl or the new Nolkag Wrap pattern designed especially for the weekend. I chose the Nolkag Wrap which is just a deliciously mindful pattern with a pretty cabled texture. I enjoyed working on the pattern, and with the yarn which just glides through your fingers, so much that I found it really hard to put it down the whole weekend!

But a gal’s got to eat so we hooked until 7pm then it was time for a three course meal in the restaurant (which was delicious) and then we went back up to the room for more crochet and chatting.

I was a bit more sensible this time and was in bed for 11pm (not the usual wee hours of the morning) and before I knew it it was time for a buffet style breakfast then back up to the room for our next project which was completely awesome! We were given everything we needed to make giant baubles! I still need to finish mine so I’ll have to share a photo when I’m finished.

Next it was Christmas dinner for lunch and with all of us feeling full and maybe a tad sleepy it was time for me to do my workshop! Lisa and Lynda had let me decide what I was going to do for my workshop, and when I’d suggested a stocking design they thought that was great – I think everyone was thinking it was going to be another amigurumi!

I came up with the Starlight Stocking design which I think would make a great addition to those handmade decorations you bring out year after year.

My chosen yarn for the stocking was the new Scheepjes Chunky Monkey yarn, which is becoming a fast new favourite of mine, so soft, combined with Scheepjes Catona and Scheepjes Lizzy (for a bit of bling). You can just see them hanging in situ below on one of the gorgeous Cranage Estate fireplaces!

As always it was great fun watching everyone get stuck into making the stockings (I don’t usually get to see that part!), we had a break for the evening meal until 7pm-ish (when the day people left us) for another scrumptious three course meal in the restaurant, then it was back up to the room again to continue with the stockings.

As always much belly laughter was had (you pinocchio nose people know who you are!)…then it was time for bed again, the weekend really does seem to just fly by so quickly!

Sunday until 3pm (when the Sanctuary finishes) is normally when we have time to finished off our projects but Lynda and Lisa had another fun project in store! We got to have a go at making our own custom shawl kilt pin and I got to use a glue gun for the first time. I now kind of want to glue aallll the things because I REALLY enjoyed using the gun. I chose some festive felt balls and bells to adorn my kilt pin to match my Nolkag Wrap.

After that it was wonderful to see that nearly everyone wanted to finish off their stockings…and some did get them finished or nearly finished over the weekend. Everyone did such an amazing job with them!

And some more stockings modelled with the gorgeously decorated fireplace!

I’m a bit addicted to attending The Crochet Sanctuary days / weekends they have throughout the year. It’s always such fun and I get to just talk crochet till I’m fit to burst which is especially refreshing because no one’s eyes start to glaze over – they are just as enthused as me!

It was a thoroughly wonderful weekend, which I knew it would be, that I was lucky enough to share with the most wonderful group of people! Just a lovely occasion to catch up with old friends and make some new ones!

If you are looking for a weekend of yarn, crochet, relaxation and just pure wonderfulness then the The Crochet Sanctuary is definitely the place for you. As testament the weekend dates for 2020 have already completely sold out – but you can still book the remaining few day dates that are left here.

I’m going back for a day visit again in February as a guest which I’m already looking forward to! How many more sleeps is that….

Until next time; keep calm and crochet on my friends xx