Three reasons why a crochet dog is awesome!

Are you an ‘ultimutt’ dog lover? Recently my life has been cute little pups – well crocheted ones … I’m very excited to tell you that I’ve been busy adding to the Deramores Deradog pack!

If you remember we’ve had a Poodle, a Schnauzer, a Spaniel, a French Bulldog, a Pug and a Rottweiler. Well there’s now another THREE brand new breeds that have been added to the pack.

Allow me to introduce Ali the Alsatian, Dakota the Dalmation and Luna the Labrador! My apologies in advance for my use of a-paw-ling dog puns now scattered through this post!

© Deramores

Ali the Alsatian dreams of growing up to be a big brave police dog. This K-9 wannabee can help snare suspect WIPs, track down missing yarn and sniff out your next big crochet project!

© Deramores

Dakota the Dalmation on the other hand aspires to be a movie star. She’s hoping for a ‘spot’ in the next 101 Dalmatians movie. She’s already doing well for herself – the pup-arazzi just love to take photos of her!

© Deramores

Last, but certainly not least, we have Luna the Labrador who wants to be a magician. She’ll say the magic words ‘labracadabrador’ and pull a ball of yarn for you out of a bag.

Now maybe you can’t have a dog because of space, or allergies or kids, well that’s where the beauty of a crocheted dog comes in. I can give you three reasons a crochet dog would make your life awesome:

  1. They are very easy to take care of! Don’t need walking or feeding – for a pet that’s incredibly low maintenance!
  2. They don’t take up a lot of space in your house – and they are sort of squashy so they can fit just about anywhere.
  3. You can hug and squeeze these dogs to your heart’s content without fear of squishing them or of them running away!

Just like all the other Dera-animals I have been making these new dogs have been made from Deramores Studio DK, if you’ve not used it before you should really give it a go. It’s lovely and soft and it’s anti-piling-ness is fab stuff for amigurumi’s.

And do you want to know the most awesome thing! All three dogs are available for FREE in my Designer Shop where you can pick up just the pattern, or the yarn kit to make all of the dogs.

I hope you like all the new additions to the pack, and out of interest, if I were to make some more dog breeds in the future to join the Deradog clan what breeds would you most like to see?

As always if you hook up any of the deradogs I hope you’ll tag on Instagram or share your projects in my Facebook group as I love to see your finished work! 

Until next time folks! Happy hooking, keep calm and crochet on my friends xx


P.S don’t forget if you are more of a cat person (or even horses) then you might like the Dera-cats or Dera-Donkey and Horse, also available in my Deramores Designer Shop xx

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