Deramores | Amigurumi Deracats

I’m extremely excited to announce that there’s some brand new patterns in my Deramores Designer Shop! May I present to you the feline trio which are the Deracats!

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With the choice of a Siamese Cat, a Black Cat and a ginger Tabby Cat, these cute crocheted cats are made from the same wonderfully soft Deramores Studio DK which I used for the Deradogs (really love that yarn!).

When I was younger I really wanted either a grey tabby cat or a black cat pretty much because characters in a couple of my favourite books had them in (The Worst Witch and Gobbolino the Witches Cat – yes I had a thing about witches too when I was 8 or 9 years old!).

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But the sad fact is that my Dad is allergic to cats (or so he says…) and so we always had dogs when we were growing up. But living vicariously through crochet I’ve been able to create both a black cat (who we shall call Gobbolino, though he also kind of looks like a Jess to me) and a Tabby cat (who we shall, appropriately enough, call Tabby) and of course a Siamese too (who we shall call Zeus – because I think it’s a cool name for a cat!).

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Although I suppose I shouldn’t have a favourite out of the cats – I kind of do! I love the colours of the tabby cat! And even with all the stripes the Tabby Cat (and all the cat patterns) are easy to make. I’d say they are the perfect patterns to start with if you are a beginner looking to try an amigurumi for the first time. Though they are still a fun and enjoyable project for a more accomplished crocheter too.

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In fact I’m not sure you’ll be able to stop at one kitty! Which is why it’s a good thing that the Deracats are sold as a set of all three patterns available directly from Deramores. And the great thing about getting them from Deramores is that you can either just get the pattern, for just the cats, or there is an option to pick up the yarn you need to make all three cats too! To make the cats you will also require from your craft stash a 3.5mm Crochet Hook, Toy Stuffing, Darning Needle and 6 x 12mm Toy Safety Cat Eyes.

Deramores have shops for the US and Australia as well as the UK which you can check out and add to your favourites at the links below:

If you want to you can also add the Deracats to your favourites or save them for later on Ravelry too as they are all linked up.


If you hook up any of the Deracats I hope you’ll tag on Instagram or share your projects in my Facebook group as I love to see your finished work! 

Until next time folks! Happy hooking, keep calm and crochet on my friends xx