‘The Exterminator’ Hat Test

I love to test patterns for people as well as design my own and a recent call out for a hat test from Crafty Ridge had me once again running to my yarn stash.  Sometimes you just see something and think ‘that is just so cool’ – well this was definitely one of those times!  Although it might look a bit tricky the hat is actually quite simple and quick to make up (it took me a little under 2 evenings).


It’s just a fabulous hat for sci-fi fans with great attention to detail; I love the ‘metal’ ridges on the body of the hat and the gun barrel/eye is actually 3-D which is just awesome!  


The pattern fits teen to adult and has now been released into the world so make sure you pop over to Crafty Ridge‘s Facebook page for more details on where you can get your copy. 

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