Pattern Release: Butterfly Dreams Car Seat & Swaddle Blanket

Custom orders always result in excitement for me!  I love the challenge!  So when I received an order for my chunky newborn caterpillar cocoon set but a girl version I automatically just though butterfly!  But I really wanted to design something that wouldn’t just be a photo prop but something that could be used afterwards.  It was talking to another mummy one day that she mentioned that finding small blankets just to cover up baby in a car seat were difficult to find that the design really formed in my head and the Butterfly Dreams Car Seat and Swaddle Blanket was born!

Great for keeping baby’s little legs and feet warm while on the go. This is an intermediate pattern but it’s suitable for advanced beginners looking to learn some new crochet techniques. Pattern is written in UK and US terms and includes explanations of all stitches and abbreviations.

The butterfly blanket is also the right size for a swaddle blanket which can help some baby’s sleep through the night by making them feel safe and secure like when in the womb. The crochet design means that the blanket will retain heat but also keep baby/child cool if needed.

The colour combinations truly are endless. I love the colour combinations that my pattern testers came up with. The pink, yellow and green above was made by Crazy Leggies

Dianne V added a couple of extra stripes in the bottom of hers which I love …

and Loopy Hooky Crochet made the fabulous variegated yarn butterfly below which I so need to make myself!

I’m having a giveaway to celebrate the pattern release over on my Facebook page BUT if you can’t wait till then the pattern is now available on Craftsy & Ravelry – Make sure to save it as a favourite / add to your wishlist! Plus special offer on Ravelry buy Butterfly Dreams Car Seat & Swaddle Blanket and get Chunky Newborn Caterpillar Cocoon Set / Sleep-Sack / Photo Prop Set for HALF PRICE (offer ends Friday 23 May)–swaddle-blanket–swaddle-blan/97376

Special thanks goes to all the babies (and mummies) for the wonderful photos of their little ones snoozing under the butterfly dreams blankets!

4 thoughts on “Pattern Release: Butterfly Dreams Car Seat & Swaddle Blanket

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  2. I am going to attempt the butterfly blanket :/
    The pattern says 150g of any one color so I’m not sure how much yarn is needed for 1) one color for the body and edging 2) second color for the wings.

    Thank u!

    • Hi there, so sorry for my delayed response. The body and the edging I did in the same colour which you should get out of about 50g of one colour (but you will have yarn left over in this colour), the wing sections you should be able to use 50g of your chosen colours if using two colours or 100g total if using one colour. Hope that helps, and I hope you will share a photo when you have finished, I would love to see it 🙂

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