The Dragonfly River Make-Along is Here!

Happy MAL day folks!

It’s the 31 July which means it’s the official start of the Dragonfly River Make Along in collaboration with the lovely Kitey (aka the Yarn Whisperer). We are super excited to share this summer’s project with you!

All the folks that ordered the exclusive Dragonfly River MAL kit should have already received the gorgeous Yarn Whisperer yarn (plus fab extras), and the pattern went out to everyone a few days ago (from Kitey – so maybe check your junk mail if the pattern doesn’t seem to have appeared). So we should be all ready to begin!

The exclusive colourway that Kitey has come up with this summer was inspired by sparkling rivers and the iridescent beauty of dragonflies. It contains fabulously rich greens and teals combined with beautiful tonal soft blue shades – plus that little bit of stelina sparkle (I LOVE IT). This has been married up with a hank of natural slub yarn because that’s beautiful in it’s own right – especially along side the hand dyed version as the colours really pop! And the slub yarn has the most fantastic texture – it’s my new yarn crush!

And in amongst the kit there is THE MOST FABULOUS stitch marker from Mrs G! It’s the cutest teeny tiny (river) stones alongside a beautiful silver dragonfly! I know I say it every time, but these are my new favourites – and they are just the perfect compliment to the yarn and the design for our cowl.

For the full information about this particular MAL you can find all the details here (or find via the top menu of this blog under the tab ‘CALS AND MALS’). But generally the idea is that the MAL is a relaxed event designed to be a lovely summer project – this time round we are making a cowl.

The Make Along will run from today (Sunday 31 July 2022) until Thursday 15 September 2022 giving everyone plenty of time, during busy summer holiday season, for you to make the pattern. You can of course start the pattern at anytime you wish, this deadline is just there for those that like to have one.

There will be support for the pattern as usual in my Facebook group; the KCACO-UK Crochet Community Group and in Kitey’s Virtual Stitch-n-B*tch zoom sessions – see full details on Kitey’s Insta page


We hope you’ll share your photos with us on social media (facebooktwitter or instagram) or as a project on Ravelry – we’d love to see what you make! We will be sharing our progress with the hashtags #dragonflyrivermal #kcacouk #yarnwhisperer. If you’re blogging, feel free to leave links to your post(s) in the comments here.

You also may wish to make sure you are signed up to blog (below) and / or my mailing list to get a reminder when new blog posts, discounts or new pattern releases are available – I’ll just say that Kitey and I have already planned projects for well into 2023!

We do hope that you enjoy this fun make-along; Kitey and I can’t wait to see your wonderful new cowls come to life!

Until next time folks! Happy hooking, keep calm and crochet on my friends xx


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