Video Tutorial – Margaret’s Hug Healing / Prayer Shawl

Margaret's Hug Healing / Prayer Shawl

It makes me so happy that my Margaret’s Hug Healing / Prayer Shawl has been downloaded over 13,800 times since I first shared it in February last year.  I really love the thought of all these shawls being made up and going to someone that could do with a hug.  

However I have had a couple of requests for a video tutorial for this pattern so I’ve had a go to create one for you.  Now it’s a bit shaky as it’s my first go at trying to do something like this but I hope it helps!

Don’t forget you can get your free copy of Margaret’s Hug Healing / Prayer Shawl here on the blog or over on Ravelry and Craftsy.

19 thoughts on “Video Tutorial – Margaret’s Hug Healing / Prayer Shawl

  1. I usually make things for other people, but tomorrow I begin a certain treatment and I’ve been warned it’s not an easy process, so maybe I will have a go at making this for myself, praying with every stitch. What a lovely idea. Genuinely lovely idea! Thanks 🙂

  2. Maybe a silly question but I have arthritis in my fingers and writs and am afraid I will have a problem with the double thread. Could I use a heavier yarn/wool suitable for a hook 7, instead of a double thread? I really would love to make this for myself, just as Sandy, I’m going to treatment that leaves me bold and I could use a huggable shawl! Thanks in ad ace for answering!

    • Hi, yes you could use a thicker yarn instead of using double DK. If it was me I’d buy 400g to be on the safe side as I am not sure how much yarn would be the equivalent (its 600g of DK total double stranded). I hope you will share a photo when you are done as I would love to see it and best wishes for your treatment x

  3. omg! I am going to get right on this my daughter 36 year old daughter has been diagnoised with colon cancer and while going thru chemo she is always freezing cold. I think this shawl will help. it’s beautiful. thank you so very much.

  4. I appreciate you making a video to go with your pattern as I had a hard time understanding it. I’m from the US and I’m still fairly intermediate at crochet, so reading patterns is a bit difficult sometimes. One thing I will mention is that you went very fast in the video so it was a little hard to keep up. I managed after going back and watching and then reading the pattern. But maybe next time slow down a little and move the camera up so we can see what you’re doing! Other than that I look forward to completing this shawl and finding more things to work on from your site! Thank you!

    • Hi Lindsey, I must apologise for my video! It was my first attempt and videoing a pattern and I know it’s not the best! This is something I’m definitely going to work on in the future! I’ll definitely take all your comments onboard!

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  7. Was looking for a special prayer shawl to make for my daughter to wear over her wedding dress in November 2021. Ran across this pattern and loved it! Though I was intimidated at first. Having never crochet with two strands of yarn at once. I was determined to make this shawl. The video to show us how to get started was wonderful. Used the recommended brand of yarn in a dark green. After winding two skeins at once into a ball. Never any a problem crocheting two strands at once. The shawl turned beautifully.

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