New Pattern Release | Gino the Gingerbread Baker

Here’s the next Christmas pattern as promised! Allow me to introduce Gino the Gingerbread Baker!

I have a notebook where I jot and doodle down any ideas I might get for a pattern. Sometimes they sit there for awhile and then get made (my Nordic Twist gnome for instance I thought of last year) other times the idea just won’t leave me. I’ll keep thinking about it and I just have to get it made – that was the case with Gino the Gingerbread Baker; he really wanted to come to life!

“Stir a bowl of gingerbread, Smooth and spicy brown. Roll it with a rolling pin, Up and up and down. With a cookie cutter, Make some little men. Put them in the oven, Till half past ten.”

With a removable hat and apron Gino is a fun ornament for your christmas kitchen – or remove the holly from the hat and he’s a fun gift for anyone who loves baking at anytime of the year!

Did you know that gingerbread men date from around the 16th century and the first documented figure-shaped “gyngerbrede” biscuits were baked at the court of Elizabeth 1 of England.

Fascinatingly, in history, Gingerbread men were taken up by witches who used them like voodoo dolls. They would bake effigies of their enemies and eat them!  I’m now a bit concerned about my 3 year old who finds it especially funny to the legs bite off gingerbread men and cry ‘help, help, my legs!!’ Joking aside people took the witchcraft voodoo gingerbread men so seriously that in 1607 the magistrates of Delft in the Netherlands made it illegal to either bake or eat the biscuits!

My gingerbread man is made from Scheepjes Catona, that I’d got in my stash and the mini gingerbread men props were from the seasonal section of my local COOP and were delicious!

My two girls both love to eat gingerbread men and we often decorate gingerbread men together this time of year. This pattern would be a great reminder of a family cooking session or as a fun prop for the Gingerbread Man fairy tale.

The pattern is now available, from all my usual pattern stores, for you to make your own little baker.

And as there’s still a few days until Christmas and you are looking for more seasonal patterns to hook up then check out my Christmas Crochet bundle on Ravelry. It contains all my seasonal patterns available for purchase or for free.

I’ve just got just one more Christmas patterns left that I’m releasing this year then I promise I’m all Xmas patterned out so keep a look out for those coming to this blog real soon!

Until next time folks! Happy hooking and keep calm and crochet on my friends xx