Ten Christmas Gifts for Crocheters

What do you buy a crocheter for Christmas? Well I don’t think I’ve ever heard a crocheter say that they don’t want anything to do with crochet – so that should make things pretty easy? No? Still not sure…well I’ve put together a list of ten fabulous treats for my husband to see that I personally would love to receive this Christmas.

1. Yarn

It’s not just a cliché! Crocheters pretty much love all the yarn! So as a gift you could perhaps try and find out if there’s some hand-dyed yarn they’d really like to get their hands on…or if they are a beginner crocheter why not make them up a yarn basket or purchase a yarn pack in a rainbow or their favourite colour! 

If you are looking for inspiration I bought (or had bought for me) some hand dyed loveliness from the following makers this year Montana Crochet, Urchindian, Miss Moffat Yarns and The Manchester Tart


P.S I also wouldn’t say no to a Hot Cocoa Scheepjes Whirl Colour Pack…I don’t think I need to explain why!

2. Crochet Books

I’m a serious crochet book addict!  I love them! I tend to always get a crochet book at Christmas and this year I really fancy the Animal Friends of Pica Pau (which you can get here as a paperback or as a PDF if you perfect to view patterns on your tablet).

If you don’t fancy a whole book then what about the Scheepjes Yarnazine. I’ve had a couple of these for previous Christmas’s too; they are always a visual treat and contain gorgeous patterns. You can get the latest edition FOLK or the back issues of the other editions from most Scheepjes retailers.


3. Crochet themed Mug

Coffee, tea and yarn I think just seem to go together! If I get five minutes to sit down with my crochet then I WILL in all likelihood have a cup of tea next to me. Now I’m not going to apologise for this next shameless plug because I actually love our mugs from Dear Ewe and of course I use one everyday.


If you forced me to pick a favourite well I don’t think you can go wrong with either the yarn silhouette design, the classic granny square chart design, or the Yarny Ewe design for a crocheter.

4. Kits 

I do love a good crochet kit! I like that everything is supplied to me all in neat bundle so I don’t have to order yarn or sort out the pattern I can just start hooking! Last Christmas I did get the beautiful Scheepjes Hygge Shawl By Kirsten Ballering which I’m really hoping I get time to start this Christmas! 


Another Scheepjes kit I really want to do at some point is The Sophie’s Stool Kit by Dedri Uys because it’s beautiful, fun and practical!

I think also because I like making amigurumi I’m quite drawn to ami kits. For a special gift you can’t go wrong with a kit from TOFT (I especially love the animals and birds) you could also try an extreme amigurumi like Mabel the Bunny from Wool Couture. I’ve made (and half made) ami’s from both of these and thoroughly enjoyed them (and time allowing that half finished one will get finished at Christmas!)

P.S I can’t help doing just another shameless plug for Dear Ewe as you may remember we’ve just released our popular Little Ewe amigurumi in our very first Dear Ewe crochet kit which I blogged about here

5. Magazine Subscription

When I first started crocheting my family often clubbed together to get me a magazine subscription – I love this sort of present as it’s one that keeps going every month!  Before now I’ve enjoyed subscriptions to Mollie Makes, Simply Crochet, Inside Crochet, Crochet Now and Let’s Get Crafting Knitting and Crochet Magazine.


Many of these magazines also now offer electronic subscription if you don’t want the physical magazine – or if you don’t mind US terminology you could try Happily Hooked  or I Like Crochet e-magazines.

6. Crochet Workshop / Retreat

Without a doubt the main thing I ask for these days for gifts, if folks would like to, is a ticket to either an experience or a workshop. As I get older I find that I want to do more experience sort of gifts and try different things and so I personally really enjoy this type of present. For my birthday this year my brother has very kindly offer to pay for me to do a yarn dying workshop which is an activity I’m really looking forward to for 2019. 

And of course, if you can, you should definitely try out my favourite retreat The Crochet Sanctuary – I’m actually going four times in 2019! I can speak from experience about how fun these visit are (in fact I have here and here if you want a read).


They are so much fun and I’m not the only person who is now addicted and greatly anticipates these retreats.  At the time of writing this all the weekends for 2019 were already fully booked – but don’t despair there are several day ticket workshop that have just been released – so grab one quick, they go fast! And if you happen to be going in February, June, August and November – I’ll see you there (did I mention they are addictive!).

7. Yarn Show Tickets

Mr. KCACOUK is a good’un; over the years he’s bought me various yarn show tickets or come with me to yarn shows and it’s always a fun gift to receive.  I certainly would never say no to this sort of thing as I usually have a fun day out even if I’m on my own! You can read about my visits to Yarndale, the Knitting and Stitching Show, the Nottingham Yarn Expo and Wool@Jct13 (here and here) for inspiration – but there are loads of shows around, though it might just take a quick search of interweb to find your nearest ones.


8. Hooks 

Now I have my favourite hooks but I  think you can never have too many! For beginners I don’t think you can go wrong with an aluminium crochet hook set, that’s what I learnt with and I know many crocheters still prefer these types of hooks. If you are looking for an ergonomic set of hooks then you could try RITO hooks (which I blogged about here) or Clover Amour hooks which I also love to use.


For chunky yarns I love the hooks from Wulla (see that neon blue chunky hook in the jar) and I really want one of her new ‘burnt’ hooks because they are just beautiful!

I have also heard so many good things about Furls Crochet Hooks over the years and so of course I’d love to try one; and I’d probably have the Olivewood (4mm) – just in case anyone (eh hem husband mine) would like to get me one.

9. Subscriptions

If you saw my last post I’ve just been talking about subscription boxes and I would recommend the Great British Textile Box by Three Bears Yarns as the yarn and pattern were so lovely.


And whilst I haven’t personally subscribed  to the Little Box of Crochet (only because I know my own time constraints) I have had a lucky dip box of theirs and have had bought for me a Not so Little Box of Crochet so I feel I can vouch for how lovely the contents in those boxes were. 

10. Project Bags

And finally, where would any crocheter be without project bags a plenty…if you could see by the side of my work armchair then you would see a big pile of my current works in progress. But it’s a pile I can call tidy as every project I’m working on is in a neat project bag.

Now they do happen to be Dear Ewe project bags (sorry for the plug again – but I just happened to start a company filled with stuff I actually use or would buy if it wasn’t me!). I personally prefer drawstring project bags as there is no zip to snag your yarn on and would always look for that kind for my WIPs. 


And I like ours as they come in two different sizes; medium and large (note to self we should really do some smaller ones too!)

So that’s what I want think are ten great gifts for crocheters this Christmas, what do you recon? Have I missed anything that I should know about? Let me know!

Until next time! Keep calm and crochet on my friends xx