#Mandalas For Marinke / #MandalasforWink


If you are a crocheter that spends a certain amount of time in cyber space then you probably will have been as shocked as I was to learn of the suicide of Marinke Slump (otherwise known as ‘Wink’) from A Creative Being.

When I read about Crochet Concupiscence‘s project ‘Mandalas For Marinke’ I knew that I wanted to contribute.  If you’ve not heard of it #MandalasForMarinke is a collaborative crochet art project in which contributors from all over the world are invited to create a crochet mandala in honour of Wink. This project will be used to celebrate her life and creativity as well as to raise awareness about depression. I was too late to meet the original deadline to send a mandala but the deadline has now been extended to October 15, 2015.

#MandalasforWink is a separate tribute set up by The Design Wars team (including ACCROchet) who have set up an online project to share mandala’s over social media.

Wink was known, among other things, for her beautiful crochet mandala patterns so crocheting a mandala really is a fitting tribute to her creativity and life.

I Love Holland Dutch Tulips Crochet Mandala by Marinke Slump

The healing properties of crochet have been widely acknowledged and is something Kathryn, from Crochet Concupiscence, explores in her book; Crochet Saved My Life in which Marinke features. I didn’t know Wink personally but no-one, I think, can be help but be saddened by the fact that such a talented young woman was suffering and felt that she had no other alternative from her depression.

Personally I have suffered with bouts of depression, anxiety and stress particularly over recent months when we have had a couple of close family losses. I know that it can seem impossible at times – that its just so hard to function and how it feels like the world has come to an end.  I understand that its also sometimes hard to talk about what’s happening and how alone it can make you feel. It annoys me that any mental health issues are seen as a taboo subject and not spoken about more freely! I think that if it was discussed more widely it would go along way to fixing the stigma that mental health issues have; that ‘there must be something is wrong with you’.

I chose the lovely Mandala for Your Home pattern by Marinke to send in for the project creating 3 mini mandala’s (working just up to round 6). I made them from odds and ends of Drops Paris Cotton which is a worsted / aran weight yarn in Light Pink and Raspberry and I used a 4mm (US size G) hook.


With an estimated 450 million people worldwide suffering from some sort of mental health issue it’s unlikely that you HAVEN’T met someone who has been affected in some way – though they might be very good at hiding it! It can be really worrying when someone you or someone you know is going through a difficult time but there is help out there; the charity MIND in particular in the UK have a really helpful website.

For me crochet really has been a life saver! Whenever I’ve felt down; the rhythm of the hook, the feel of the yarn, the concentration on a pattern, with time, have all helped to soothe my soul a little.  If you’d like to read more about the meditative healing properties of crochet have a look at this article.

And most of all to everyone who is reading this if you’re feeling like depression is threatening you, TALK to someone. Talk until you are understood. Talk until it gets better. http://www.accrochet.com/

Heather x