Pancake Day! Free Pattern Round Up!

So I’ve not done a free pattern round up for awhile so I thought I would share with you six fab free pancake day themed patterns that I’ve found.  Great for anyone who is dieting but still wants to enjoy pancake day!


Pancakes amigurumi by Amigurumi food


This crochet pancake is just too cute!  I love how the butter and syrup look like a little hat!

“Oranges” Crochet Citrus Coasters by Christine Longe


So do you like to have a squeeze of orange or lemon on your pancakes?  I love these orange themed coasters; they would really bring a brightness to any living room.

Pancake Dishcloth by Amelia Beebe


Isn’t this just the perfect cotton dishcloth for pancake day! A must for any kitchen on Shrove Tuesday! 

Lemon Pillow by Made by leen


I personally like a bit of squeezed lemon on my pancakes and I think this squidgy lemon bolster type cushion is just brilliant.  This pattern is available in Dutch and, if you scroll down the page, English. 

Yummy Pancakes and Eggs Amigurumi by Charlotte W.


I love this little pancake and fried egg combo don’t you. One day I’m going to have to try the sweet pancake and savoury side option in real life! 

Pig and Her Pancake by Jessica Spencer


This little ami is just adorable, loving the sweater!  I really need to find this book too, I’m intrigued by the title!

8 ways To Make Chores More Fun – Free Pattern Round-Up

Today is the Spring Equinox; the first day of Spring…anyone else thinking about Spring cleaning (no me neither).  Nobody likes to do chores right, so I thought I would see if I could find some fun crochet patterns to try and make the task more fun…here are the 8 free crochet patterns for you to make and enjoy!

Owl Dish Scrubbie by BreeAnna Laub

I love, love, love owls, but I’m not a fan of washing the pots – this little scrubbie would definitely add a little fun to any sink!

Flower Potholders by Jennifer Martin

All things bright and beautiful! How fabulously gorgeous are these colourful flower potholders; we all need to plonk our pots on something so awesome!

Tunisian Pebbles Dishcloth by Tamara Kelly

I really need to try Tunisian crochet at some point and I think this little dishcloth would be the perfect thing as a first project; stunning texture – who cares if it gets the pots clean (though I’m sure it will!)

Handy Mesh Bag (Market Bag) by Thomasina Cummings Designs

How about this wonderful bag for carry home your groceries; stylish and useful!

Double Cotton Peg Bag by Heather C Gibbs

Shall I sneak in a pattern from me…yeah why not!  If you are looking for a quick and sturdy little peg bag for all your hanging out needs then this is the peg bag for you!

DIY Dryer Balls by From Home

I think these drier balls are a brilliant and drool-worthy idea; definitely a winner for making laundry time more attractive! 

Reversible Swiffer Sock by Linda Permann

Now you can dust your floors in crocheted style with this brilliant swiffer sock with fabulous texture that is great for attacking those dust bunnies! 

Amigurumi Frenchie the 2 eyed Minion in a French Maid Outfit by Shannen C

And if all else fails why not make yourself a little maid! It might not do the cleaning for you but it’s so cute who cares!