Yarny Bobs Special Offer

Ever have those times where you just need a little bit of yarn for a project, or perhaps some small amounts of double knit yarn in certain colours? Or maybe you just LOVE making pom poms or want to make pom poms with the kids but don’t want to have loads of yarn hanging around your house?

Maybe you want to teach someone to knit or crochet – but don’t want to scare them with loads of yarn? Well that’s where my new Etsy store ‘Yarny Bobs’ comes in.

Yarnybobs is a new place to pick up yarn oddment sets which are ideal for all sorts of mini projects such as creating pom pom garlands and wreaths, learning to knit and crochet or french knitting projects.

They are also perfect for little ones school and craft projects, or other little mixed media art projects where you just need small amounts of yarn. Just let your creativity run wild!

I’m actually a big pom pom fan, I find it very therapeutic making pompoms, just winding the wool round and round, it’s a really mindful sort of project. In fact pom poms are probably one of the first yarn related crafts I ever did as a child!

I remember making loads of them, and then french knitting a short strip and adding a pom pom on the end for a bookmark that everyone had for Christmas!

Pom poms are such a great way to get kids involved in crafts, they don’t take long so offer a nice quick crafty reward! But it’s a craft that all age groups seem to be attracted to because it’s just fun to make a pom pom – and it doesn’t matter how old you are, everyone just wants to have a bit of fun in their lives don’t they!

If you like looking at pretty pom poms or are looking for a bit of yarn oddment inspiration you should check out the Yarny Bobs Pinterest board, I’ve been busy pinning lots of lovely fluffy things!

As well as yarn oddments in the Yarny Bobs Etsy store I’m also selling full pom pom kits. These DIY kits come with yarn, 2 x large Knitpro Nirvana pom pom makers, and a pair of sharp scissors (with a protective sheath) which are perfect for snipping those pom pom’s into the perfect shape!

And I’d like to offer my lovely blog followers a special 10% off their first order from the Yarny Bobs Etsy Store. Until 30 June 2020 just add code: KCACOUK

So fluff up your creativity with some yarn oddments from Yarny Bobs today! I can’t wait to see what you get up to!

Until next time folks! Happy hooking and keep calm and crochet on my friends xx