Free Pattern – ‘Margaret’s Hug’ Healing/Prayer Shawl

My mother-in-law is a fabulous person who welcomed me with open arms into her family when I met my husband a little over ten years ago.  Three years she ago battled with tonsil cancer so we were all devastated to learn at Christmas that the cancer had come back.  In early January she had her kidney, spleen and some of her lymph nodes removed in a 7 hour operation.  As we couldn’t be with her I decided to make her a prayer/healing shawl and crochet some love and healing thoughts into every stitch. My mum and even my non-crochet husband added stitches and love to go with mine and the result was ‘Margaret’s Hug’…


Margaret’s Hug Prayer / Healing Shawl

This shawl is a free pattern so others can make a hug for someone in need; however if you would like to pass on the couple of pounds/dollars you would have paid for this pattern to Cancer Research then that would make you even more awesome!  And here are some great links on Lion Brand about prayer shawls with some sample messages to send with your shawl.  The pattern details are below but if you want to download a copy you can on either Ravelry or Craftsy.  I would love to see your finished items so please link your project on Ravelry or Craftsy or drop me a photo either by email or Facebook.


Note: This pattern is worked by holding two strands of yarn together.

You will need:

  • 600g of double knit yarn (8ply / yarn weight #3)
  • Crochet hook: 7mm (US size L)
  • A yarn needle

Gauge: 3 tr/dc (measured at the top) = 2.5cm /1 inch / 1 row = 2.5 cm / 1 inch. Neck edge point to point = 70 inches / 1.8 m.  These measurements are approximated, and actual subjects may vary. Pattern will work in other yarns though gauge/size will be  different.  CHECK YOUR GAUGE, use any size hook to obtain gauge.

Stitch abbreviations:

  • st(s) = stitches
  • ch = chain
  • sl st = slip stitch
  • dc/sc = UK double crochet / US single crochet
  • tr/dc = UK treble / US double crochet


  • This pattern is worked from the neck downwards and is worked in alternate rows of            clusters (3 tr/dc) and V stitch (1 tr/dc, ch1, 1 tr/dc) with a shell cluster to start each row (4 tr/dc)
  • The chain 3 between clusters / V-stitches on the point of the shawl counts as sts in this pattern.
  • Stitches are worked in-between shell clusters/V-stitches/clusters and not in the ch spaces of the V-stitch row (see photo below)
Example of stitch pattern

Example of stitch pattern

Row 1: Ch 4 (counts as first st) 3 tr/dc in 4th ch from hook, ch 3, 4 tr/dc in same ch, turn (11 sts)

Row 2: Ch 3 (counts as first st), 3 tr/dc in same st as ch 3, then in next ch 3 sp work [1 tr/dc, ch 1, 1 tr/dc, ch 3, 1 tr/dc, ch 1, 1 tr/dc] miss 3 sts and in last ch work 4 tr/dc, turn (17 sts)

Row 3: Ch 3 (counts as first st), 3 tr/dc in same st as ch 3 then * 3 tr/dc in the next sp between sts of the previous row * repeat from * to * to corner where in the ch sp you need to work [3 tr/dc, 3 ch, 3 tr/dc]. Repeat * to * again to final the st; work 4 tr/dc into final st, turn (23 sts)

Row 4: Ch 3 (counts as first st), 3 tr/dc in same st as ch 3 then * [1 tr/dc, 1 ch, 1 tr/dc] in the next sp between sts of the previous row * repeat from * to * to corner where in the ch sp you need to work [1 tr/dc, 1 ch, 1 tr/dc, ch, 3, 1 tr/dc, 1 ch, 1 tr/dc]. Repeat * to * again to final the st; work 4 tr/dc into final st, turn (29 sts)

Rows 5 – 40: repeat alternate rows of rows 3 and 4, turn.  Note: Each row increases by 6 sts (245 sts)


Work along each edge of your shawl EXCEPT the neck edge in picot st.

Row 1: * Ch 2, 1 dc/sc in 2nd ch from hook (at the base of ch 2), dc/sc into next 2 sts * repeat from * to * until end, finish off and weave in ends.


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  3. Have you posted a video on YouTube showing how to create this shaw? I have a very hard time following written crochet directions, but the videos help so much!

  4. I found this beautiful shawl via Pinterest, and am nearly finished with it. I’m wondering if you ever measured the shawl? I ask because the L hook I found is an 8mm, not 7, (I can’t find a 7, I have a choice of 6.5 mm or 8, i went with 8 for a nicer drape), so I know my stitches will be bigger and I’ll need less rows, but this is my first shawl so I’m not quite sure how big to make it. I just finished row 27, and it’s rather wonderfully large and snugly. Just unsure when to stop.
    Thank you for this lovely pattern!

    • Hi Jess, the original was Neck edge point to point = 70 inches / 1.8 m
      As you’ve used a larger hook I’m not sure how big it will turn out to be; I would wrap it round myself as a gauge to see if it felt comfortable and go with that!

  5. I love your shawl pattern! Thank you for sharing the story about your mother-in-law & her shawl. I look forward to making this. 🙂

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  7. Hi this is a beautiful pattern! I am having some trouble understanding something though if you wouldn’t mind helping to clarify it? I don’t understand this part “Stitches are worked in-between shell clusters/V-stitches/clusters and not in the ch spaces of the V-stitch row” because I hear you say in the video to work in the spaces and the only time I hear to work in the actual stitch is on the end. right? It is hard to see this part on the video =( especially the end I cannot see if you are working into the top of a stitch (the “V” – 2 strands of a stitch) or not. I still appreciate you doing the video, it is super helpful overall. I am not new to crocheting so I don’t know why I’m having a hard time understanding these parts I mentioned! I appreciate any clarification. Thanks so much in advance!

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  11. I just finished making this for my mom. The only change I made was to do a ruffled border. She loves it!! It was super easy so I love it too! I’ll get pics soon and upload them. Thank you for sharing this pattern.

  12. Hello, I am a novice at crocheting & I’ve been searching for a shaw pattern that’s free. I have recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. I find out tomorrow a lot more details as to date of surgery & when the chemo/radiation will start. So, I’ve been on a searching on my iPhone & keep hitting brick walls. I’m not savy with all this technology. Then I came across your story behind the Margaret’s Hug Healing & Prayer Shaw & began to cry & said “Thank You Lord.” In your experience do you think a beginner can be successful at creating this shaw? My resources are limited…how many skeins will it take to make? I’m a larger woman (2x) so would adjustments need to be done? Also, what is a treble stitch? Thank You for time

    • Hi Vicki, sorry to hear about your recent diagnosis and I’m wishing you lots of healing thoughts! Yes I think as a beginning you would be able to make this pattern. I used 6 x 100g of yarn and that was a fairly reasonable size; to make it bigger you would just continue the repeats of the pattern using some more yarn, perhaps add another couple of balls or so. A treble stitch is a UK term for a US double crochet. To work the stitch you would: Yarn over, insert hook in next st and draw up a loop (three loops on hook), yarn over, draw through two loops, yarn over, draw through remaining two loops on hook.

  13. Hi love this pattern however having trouble with the edging. Should I single crochet around first so the neck edge looks finished ?

    • Hi Diana, sorry for the delayed response, I didn’t work a single crochet round the neck edge as I didn’t think it needed it on mine – but this is your shawl so please feel free to add single crochet to the neck edge if that’s what you feel will work on your shawl. I hope you will share a photo of your finished work when you have completed it, I’d love to see it 🙂
      Kind regards Heather

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  15. I wanted to let other readers and crocheters know that I made this pattern with worsted weight #4 yarn only pulling one strand as I crocheted. It turned out beautifully using 2+ 7oz. 364 yd. skeins of Red Heart. Thank you for sharing this pattern. I made it for the prayer shawl ministry at our church. Be blessed.

    • Hi Angie, thank you for letting me know about using worsted (aran) weight yarn – other’s may wish to use this option too you are right! I hope you will share a photo of your finished work when you have completed it, I’d love to see it🙂
      Kind regards Heather

  16. Thank you for this fantastic pattern❤
    I prayed for a friend during every stich and now I will give her the beutiful healing/prayer shawl in the name of Jesus ChristAmen☝/ LB

  17. It looks like this shawl pattern is still going strong over several years judging from all the comments! I was wondering, how is your mother in law now? In hood health I hope.

    Kind regards

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