Happy St. George’s Day! Free Pattern Round-Up

Here be dragons! Well and knights too – as today is St George’s Day (and I’m English) I thought I would celebrate crochet style with 7 free patterns to round up all things knights and dragons.


Knights Hood by lorajean’s Magazine

All dragon slayers need armour and I think this knights hood is just fabulous. Great for dress up fun but also practical keeping heads toasty in cooler weather.

Trusty Old Dobbin by Lion Brand

Every knight needs a trusty steed to take them on their quest and you don’t get more trusty than Dobbin.   I think he should be made in white for the classic St George look.

Fairy tale finger puppets by Melissa Mall

Have a miniature battle with these gorgeous finger puppets , great pattern for beginners and for using up bits and pieces in your yarn stash.

Dragon Slayer scarf by Julia Swartz

I love the look of this scarf – it looks so thick and cosy plus it’s got the perfect name in case you get a bit chilly when you go to fight your dragon!

Dragon Egg by  Susan Gater

I love Game of Thrones and think that this dragon egg inspired bag is just awesome! This is sooooo on my to do list!

Fierce Little Dragon by Lucy Ravanscar

im a big fan of lucy’s work and this little dragon is just awesome, you might want to check out on her brilliant cork & crochet  knights on her blog too which are just too adorable!

Charizard by Mia Atelier

While I was looking for dragons I came across this pattern which any Pokemon fan would love and it’s so dragony I couldn’t not share.  Love that flaming tail!

Happy St George’s Day Everyone!

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