Old and new mini-crochet challenges


If you’ve been following my blog then you will know that I set myself a mini challenge last year to design a new 6 inch Afghan square for each month…now I may have accidentally missed out May, July & September but I did finally finish off 3 more designs at the end of 2014 to bring my total up to 12 blocks – phew!  

This was a super fun and challenging process and it has brought to life some of my personal favourite square designs.  So to recap each design…

  • January Midnight Eagle Owl Afghan Square
  • FebruaryShy Violet Afghan Square
  • March – Solomon’s Cross Afghan Square
  • April – Mini Filet Cross Afghan Square
  • May – Humming Bird /Dove Afghan Square (really finished in December!)
  • June – ‘Jolly Clown’ Afghan Square
  • July – Blooming Flower Afghan Square (also finished in December!)
  • August – Octagon Garden Afghan Square
  • September – Gingerbread Man Afghan Square (finished in November!)
  • October – Jack O Lantern / Pumpkin Afghan Square
  • November – Thanksgiving / Xmas Turkey Afghan Square
  • December – Christmas Bauble Afghan Square

And my mini challenge to myself this year…well it’s all about the amigurumis!  After creating Doodle Duck my testers suggested I should make some other animals and so the idea for ‘Doodle Zoo’ was born.  Through out the year I’m planning to design 12 free little animals for you all. Look out for the next Doodle Animal just in time for Easter – Rowan Rabbit coming soon! 


8 thoughts on “Old and new mini-crochet challenges

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