Pattern Test – Sakura Kokeshi Doll by Knotted Notions

You know me, I do love to test for other people as I am always so grateful that people take time out of their busy lives to test for me!  My patterns would not exist if it wasn’t thanks to the many very talented ladies over the years that have helped worked through my scribbles. 

However it’s been a while since I had any free time to test a pattern for someone but when I saw a call out for testers for this little Sakura Kokeshi Doll by Knotted Notions I fell in love so I offered to test it for her.  

I love the fact that the Kokeshi doll represents good fortune and who doesn’t need a bit of that in their lives! 


At the same time I decided to do the test the orchid in my bathroom came into flower and so already in a Japanese frame of mind and inspired by how beautiful it was I decided to pick up similar yarn shades for my doll.  My little Kokeshi doll stands at just over 8 inches high and is super cute; I love how she has turned out!


The Sakura Kokeshi Doll pattern is written in American Crochet Terminology and is now available in Amber’s Ravelry store for about £1.99 ($3.00 USD): 

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