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So I saw a fabulous post by Marianne on (who was in turn inspired by Janneke on JipbyJan) which is about listing current works in progress (WIPS) in the bid to getting organised and getting them all done!

I thought this was a wonderful idea and so am hereby naming and shaming all my WIPS (well all the ones in my near vicinity that I’m sure my husband would like me to finish). This list also includes future WIPS that I’ve brought the materials for but not made yet…I’m not counting orders, the CAL or Doodle animals in the list as they will be made first.

So lets have a little look at my list shall we!

1. Blanket 1: Corner-to-Corner Granny Stitch Throw by Kimberlie Goodnough | started December 2014 | This was always going to be a long term project to use up bits of scrap yarn from my stash.  Hooked up in a beautiful rainbow scheme I’m loving it and am so glad to be keeping it for my very own when it’s finished! Although there are a bazillion ends to weave in and I still need to decide on what colour to edge it in – any ideas?


2. Blanket 2: Special Afghan by various | Started January 2015 | I can’t say too much about this one as that person might be looking! But it’s going to be a 24 x 12 inch block afghan and I think I’ve made 2 blocks so far.  But I’ve got until December, that’s ages right!?!

Blanket3. Blanket 3: Superbly Simple Blanket by me | Started May 2015 | I started this other long term in-between projects blanket when I hadn’t got any colours to hook the corner to corner granny blanket (above).  Once I’ve finished off this one I’m going to add it as a free pattern here on the blog. I think you’ll love it as much as I do!

01+Text4. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds Large Motif by me | Started March 2015 | My own personal deadline is to get at least the mandala part of this motif written up is for the end of August.  I’ve started the photo tutorials to accompany the pattern but as I’m making a brand new copy of Lucy in the process it’s going to take a bit of time!


5.Butterfly Breeze Poncho by Sincerely Pam | Started June 2015 | Annoyingly I ran out of yarn for the tassels for this one but it’s arrived today (yay) so in all likelihood I should be able to finish this off for Little G fairly quickly.  I want to take it on our holidays in August so there’s my deadline right there!

© 2014 Sincerely Pam

6.“Nautical Knots” Beach / Yarn / Tote Bag by Jennifer Pionk | To be started | And here’s another thing I want to try and get hooked up before my August hols.  I’ve got all the yarn and materials to make it! I just need the time to actually make it!

© A Crocheted Simplicity

7.Bountiful Butterflies by Marken of The Hat & I| To be started | I’ve got everything I need to make this beautiful mobile for Little G’s new butterfly themed bedroom I just need the time to get on and make it!  I’m looking forward to making this one!

© The Hat & I

8.Creating A Crochainting by Patricia Stuart | To be started | Again I’ve got everything I need to make this. We’ve just had our house decorated and I want to make this to go in my bedroom above our bed in neutral browns.

© Pukado by Patricia Stuart

9.Special Cushion 1 by Sincerely Pam  | To be started | I can’t say too much about this one in case the wrong person sees it but it’s got to be finished by September!


9. Special Cushion 2 by me  | To be started | It’s all about cushions and blankets pretty much isn’t it!! Well this one is for my little brother who has just moved house as a moving in gift.  I’ve got the design in my head (and the materials to make it) – just need to get on and do it!


11. Create A Cloche by JoAnne Grimm Thompson | To be started | I made one of these recently for Little G for our holiday and it was awesome!  I’ve just brought some more cotton to make another which I can hopefully get finished before our August hols also!

© grammyjolids 2015

12. New Hat by me | To be started | Unfortunately I really don’t look very good in hats!  However I brought a straw sort of one on holiday in France last year that looked kind of okay but it now has a hole in the top!  I want to try and recreate some thing similar in crochet.  I’ve got an idea of how it can be done…but it might be a challenge getting there! P.S. it doesn’t look like the picture below!


Eeek! I think I had better leave it there don’t you! That’s more than enough to keep me going!  What an interesting (and enjoyable) hooky journey I will have to get this list finished!  As Marianne says in her post,

“I’m just going to work my way through it, one step (or should I say stitch) at a time, hoping for some cheering on from you lovely people” 

Heather xx

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  1. Oh, my goodness: you’re very brave (as well 😉 ) ….. What a wonderful list of beautiful wip’s – all so worth being finished and getting their own glorious “tadah” moment! Good luck – and let’s keep cheering eachother on! Marianne xx

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