My little secret…

So some of you may have noticed that I have been fairly quiet here on the blog and in crochet land apart from anything to do with the CAL…. well the reason is I’ve been busy growing a little human which pretty much took up all my energy! 

My beautiful new daughter joined our family on Tuesday and we are over the moon – though a little sleep deprived! To celebrate I’m having a one-day sale in my Ravelry shop. Use the coupon ITSAGIRL only for a special discount on your total pattern order (offer ends midnight May 21, 2016 GMT).


Happy Hooking!


35 thoughts on “My little secret…

  1. Lovely Photo H – you look amazing and the little one is a beauty too. xxx Congratulations and all the best to you all. xxx

  2. How exciting. Congratulations on your New Little Princess. You must have been bursting at the seams when keeping “Your Secret ” to yourself. Blessings to Your New Daughter,Family and Most of All Endless Joy to You and Your Life.

  3. Awwww…congratulations. ..enjoy your beautiful little girl..they grow up too fast..and get plenty of rest xx

  4. Congratulations! The two of you look beautiful together. A long and very, very happy life to the little one.

    Rita Bhattacharya


  5. Congratulations! The two of you look beautiful together. A long and very, very happy life to the little one.
    I am really amazed that you carried on so smoothly with the CAL, when this huge event was expected.
    God bless your little bundle of joy.

  6. I was wondering why we hadn’t heard as much from your normally shining personality lol… She’s beautiful! Congrats on and amazing blessing from above! I have 6 daughters myself (4 I carried & grew, 1 we adopted and grew and 1 my husband blessed me with from a previous marriage) Little girls are pretty awesome!

  7. Congratulations, lovely picture. Enjoy, she is one lucky girl with such a creative mother. My kids love it when I make things for them 🙂

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