WIP Wednesday | My Rainbow Throw


I’m feeling pleased with myself this week; I’ve finally finished one of my WIPs (work in progress) that I mentioned here that I have had hanging around for ages!

Back in December 2014 I was going through a tough time personally and decided I wanted to hook myself a rainbow to try to help cheer myself up.  I think there is nothing quite like a crochet hook, a repetitive pattern and immersing yourself in colour as a type of therapy!  


I decided to make a scrap blanket using bits of double-knit (8ply) that I’d got lying around which would work with a particular pattern I’d had my eye on for a while.  The pattern in question is the lovely Corner-to-Corner Granny Stitch Throw by Kimberlie Goodnough. It’s a fun variation of granny stitch and C2C (corner to corner) styles that works great with bits and pieces of left over yarn.  The pattern contains details on how to create a throw in any size you like. You can also use any yarn and any hook you want for bigger / smaller blankets.  


I wanted something big enough for me and Little G (and now Little Miss) to snuggle under and so decided to make it quite large.  My end blanket ended up roughly about 1.4 x 1.3 metres (4 ft 5″ x 4 ft 2″) so big enough to wrap us all in.


So without further ado let me show you it in all its finished loveliness!!


I lost track of how many colours I actually used up in the project but I have to say it’s been so pleasing hooking up a rainbow.  After a lot of deliberation with border colour I finally decided to go with white (which I hadn’t included in the main rainbow) and which I think finished off the blanket really well. My husband has been ecstatic about the fact that I’ve used up some of my oddments of yarn that I’ve had lying around. 


As I had hooked it over time with different tensions I did have to amend the border slightly from the one in the pattern (though not much) and I added crab stitch (reverse crochet) all around to finish it off because it’s just my most favourite ever edging and because this blanket is all mine!!  

The worse bit about the project for me was my own fault…it was the weaving in of the billion ends! I tried to do it as I went but sometimes forgot so there was still a lot to weave in the end – someone seriously needs to invent a weaving in machine. 


It now sits on the back of my chair ready for me to pull over us whilst watching TV of an evening or anytime my girls want to snuggle with me.


This was always going to be a long-term project but I must confess I didn’t think it would take me nearly 2 years to complete! I think it was worth the wait though, I’m so pleased with how it turned out in the end and I know it will get lots of use.

Until next time; keep calm and crochet on my friends xx




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  1. I’m happy, so happy that you are feeling better, Yes, “Keep calm and crochet” really works for the body, mind, and soul. I’m happy I found your sight for my body, mind and soul. Your blanket is beautiful. I have just as much scrap yarn around to make one also. Thank you for being you.

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