Clover Amour 4mm/G Hook & Pattern Giveaway

So I think it’s no secret that my favourite hooks to use EVER are Clover Amour.  If you don’t know the Amour line of hooks, they are a range of hooks that are covered in soft elastomer rubber and ergonomically shaped so that they fit oh so nicely into your hand. I’ve tried many hooks in my time but these are the ones I definitely prefer! I have nearly all the sizes now (apart from the new extra large sizes, 8mm, 9mm & 10mm, which are on my wish list) but my go to hook is pretty much my 4mm  / US size G – plus that particular size is purple so what’s not to love!


So I thought, continuing with my little celebrations, that I would give YOU the chance to win A BRAND NEW 4mm / US Size G Clover Amour Hook of your very own!  Plus offer you a couple of my patterns which use a 4mm hook to accompany it.  How about that?

All you have to do is leave me a comment below to tell me how many other hooks you think I have in this jar and let me know which of my 4mm hook patterns you’d like to go with it and who you will be making it for. 


One winner, who guesses nearest the correct amount of hooks, will be chosen at random on 13 June at 7.30pm (GMT).  This competition is open WORLDWIDE!

Good Luck Everyone!

125 thoughts on “Clover Amour 4mm/G Hook & Pattern Giveaway

  1. 62 hooks! I would love to win the ‘Making Tracks’ Men’s Hat and Scarf Set and I would make it for my husband. Thank you for the giveaway!

  2. Approx 60 hooks. I would love to make the ‘Daisy Chain Flourish Blanket’ for each bridesmaid in my renewal party; and the ‘Blooming Flower Afghan Square’ possibly for an Elder ❤️ Elders love my flower afghans and are always requesting them. I do not sell my afghans to Elders, I give it to them as a gift.

  3. My best guess is 51 hooks. I would love the bunny on the shelf pattern. I have a very good friend that has a daughter due soon and I know she would just love that beautiful bunny!!

  4. My guess is around 50 hooks and maybe little more, I would love to knit the Carly scarf for my mom for her upcoming birthday, thanks for your generosity, and good luck everyone

  5. I am going to guess 57. I will have to look for these hooks if I don’t win. I would get the Shy Violet square to make a blanket for my mother in law as it is one of her favorite flowers. Thank you for sharing Heather.

  6. 68. Either of your blankets or the shelf elf. I’d make them for gifts for baby showers, or for family.

  7. Not enough because you said that you do not have the larger sizes of the clover hooks yet.

  8. I am going to guess 53 hooks and would love the daisy chain flourish pattern. Thank you for a lovely competition. PS purple is THE best colour for everything!

  9. 53 and I love the Chocolate Box Twist Baby Blanket or the Infinity Blanket Pattern… I would make either one for my good friend who is having a baby girl at the end of September!

  10. I am guessing 48. I love the Russian Doll Afghan square. I would probably make it for our couch, as all my children love playing with a nesting Doll I got from my mom many years ago. It’s a very special toy. I even found unpainted Russian nesting dools at a craft store, bought four sets, and am going to havethe painted for my children for Christmas.

  11. I see 50 hooks!!:) I am in love with the sunflower granny square pattern…I would make it for my mama!!

  12. 59 . I’d love the giraffe blanket, and any of the doodle zoo or ami patterns! My first choice is definitely that adorable giraffe blanket! So cute!

  13. 51 and I would love the Union Jack Square / Coasters pattern, because my husband is from England! 😀 Even though I am an American I have a special place in my heart for my adopted country! <3

  14. My guess is 47 I really like your Shy Violet afghan square which I would make for a really good friend of mine and the Blooming Flower afghan for my niece who takes care of me

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