KCACO-UK CAL 2015 – Block 17

So for those of you that were wondering about the voting we usually have on every 8th block as we are getting nearer to the end with only a few blocks left it’s harder to assemble blocks for choice…sooooo voting has now ended and we will just continue to hook our way to the end…only 7 left to do in total squeee!!!  If this is the first you are hearing about the CAL the full schedule can be found here. 

Our next block is just awesome!  I’m a little bit obsessed by spirographs and doodle them everywhere!  So when I saw this next block I just knew it had to be included in my blanket!  

I think some of you might have had the same idea as me as I know I’ve seen some of you hook this particular block and have shared it in the CAL group – well if you have made it check the CAL list page for loads of alternative blocks you could use instead of this one.

So on to the square; click on the link in the title below to go straight to the pattern or add it to your Ravelry queue hereThis square is currently free on Ravelry and has been since February 2015. The lovely Helen has also recently just finished a photo tutorial to go along with this block for each round also available on Ravelry. 

Spiro Star by Helen Shrimpton


  • Hook: 5 mm (US Size H)
  • Yarn: Aran / 10 ply / Worsted / Weight #4
  • Colours: I would suggest at least two different colours
  • Pattern uses American crochet terms see conversion chart here

Specialist Stitches:

  • Fpsc – front post single crochet
  • Fpdc – front post double crochet, yarn over once
  • Fptr – front post treble crochet, yarn over twice
  • Fptr-tr – front post triple treble, yarn over 4 times!
  • Bphdc – back post half double crochet
  • Bpdc – back post double crochet

Great guidance from Moogly for standing tr/dc

My Version:

Ta dah!! This is my version of this square using my colour palette (I blogged about this here). I loooove how this turned out! It’s great how the stitches makes the star so pointy and how there is a star within a star – just a fabulous design!


02+LogoDon’t forget to stay tuned for the next block to be released on the 2nd or 3rd September.

3 thoughts on “KCACO-UK CAL 2015 – Block 17

  1. This is definitely a beauty of a crochet block! And I could post ‘here’s one I made earlier’ but I think I will make it again. Thank you for a fun CAL and thank you to Helen for her beautiful block… Cheers EllyD

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