2015 in a Nutshell | New Year Free Pattern and Discounts!

2015 has been a bit of a mixed bag for me and mine and though there have been times filled with worry and heartache there has been times of happiness too.  We have been lucky enough to enjoy some wonderful family holidays this year and there have been some really fun times with friends and family – I think when you have some periods of sadness it really does make you appreciate the good times a whole lot more!

I thought I’d do a little review of my crochet year in pictures…and I have some exciting offers which will hopefully start off YOUR 2016 in a good way; details of which you’ll find at the bottom of this post!

Looking back I’ve completed a lot of projects…so it doesn’t count that I still have works in progress to complete does it…over 40 items made, I didn’t actually realise it was that many until I started counting them up!


Out of all the things that I have made this year I’m most proud of my CAL blanket, not only because it’s the biggest project I’ve ever personally completed but because my gorgeous daughter loves it so much and sleeps under it every night!


This year I’ve also been busy with my pattern writing, releasing 17 new patterns into the world; 10 of which were free patterns, 2 of them I was extremely excited to have appear in Happily Hooked Magazine and 1 pattern featured in the HodgePodge Pillow Showdown!  


The one pattern I am most proud of creating this year however is one I am sadly behind with writing up. My Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds pattern, which I designed for the 2015 Deramores Blog Competition, was probably one of the most challenging things I’ve had a go at creating so far! It’s definitely a case of life just getting in the way with getting it finished but it is unquestionably one of my New Years Resolutions to get it done! 


I have some brand new patterns already lined up for 2016 which I can’t say too much at the moment you can be sure I’ll share my elation about them with you when I can!  One of these designs of course is the 2016 CAL, which may turn out to be the 2nd most challenging thing I’ve ever designed, and which I already so excited about, from the photos that have been shared with me, about chosen yarn colours – I can’t wait to see finished results!

Finally I really wanted to celebrate another couple of other achievements…both of which have happened just recently! Over on my Facebook page I have now reached over 12,000 lovely likers and here on the blog I’ve got over 12,000 followers too!  I never in my wildest dreams believed when I started my page / blog that it would ever come as far as this! And it’s all because of YOU guys out there – so I want you to help me celebrate!  As it’s New Years Eve I’m offering 2,016 patterns completely FREE  in my Ravelry store (use coupon code: FREE2016) and after those have gone ALL of my patterns will have a 50% discount (no code required) on them until midnight (GMT) of 1 January 2016!


Now I’m off to spend my New Years Eve, as many parents do with little ones do, with my husband, a curry, a good movie and a hook in my hand!

May your New Year be filled with health and happiness…and tons of lovely yarn!  

Happy New Year!


Heather x