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I’m delighted to say I’ve got another nostalgic pattern for you today from the world of the Clangers! As all Clanger fans know, their favourite food is soup – and who makes that soup? It’s the Soup Dragon!

A lady looking off camera holds up a crocheted Soup Dragon puppet, from the Clangers TV show, next to her face.
© Practical Publishing 2023 (Crochet Now Issue 94)

If you aren’t familiar with The Clangers, it’s a classic BBC British stop-motion pre-school children’s tv series. It’s about a family of knitted mice-like creatures who live on a small moon-like blue planet.

Now I’m not old enough to remember the original series (which ran between 1969-74), but when I had my eldest daughter my mother-in-law bought us a DVD of The Clangers, which we watched together so the Clangers have a special place in my heart – as they do for many people!

A toddler, wearing a Clangers jumper, has the Clangers Soup Dragon puppet on his right shoulder.
© Practical Publishing 2023 (Crochet Now Issue 94)

You may remember that I designed a sweet “Clanger” themed mobile for Issue 79 of Crochet Now and now I’m delighted to have created another favourite character from the show, The Soup Dragon in a puppet form. The Soup Dragon: a benign, female creature with a penchant for Green Soup. Clangers only eat green soup which is supplied by the Soup Dragon harvested from the planet’s volcanic soup wells.

The finished puppet is approx. 25 cm (9.8 inches) from nose to cuff and will fit little hands easily; it will also stretch to accommodate adult hands too for adult / child playtime.

A lady lwith the Clangers crocheted Soup Dragon puppet on her right hand is pretending to be scared of the puppet.
© Practical Publishing 2023 (Crochet Now Issue 94)

For my Soup Dragon puppet I used some Stylecraft Special DK with a 4mm hook in 8 different colours. I think many of us have a Stylecraft stash of yarn for various projects, it’s such a versatile yarn with an amazing selection of shades that cover the whole rainbow several times over. It’s an 100% acrylic yarn that is hard-wearing and machine washable – making it great for toys!


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If you make up the The Soup Dragon Puppet I hope you’ll share any finished photos with me on social media (facebooktwitter or instagram) or as a project on Ravelry – I love to see what you make! And finally you may wish to make sure you are signed up to blog (below) and / or my mailing list to get a reminder when new blog posts, discounts or new pattern releases are available.

Until next time folks! Happy hooking and keep calm and crochet on my friends xx


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