The Little Yellow Duck Project

Back in February 2015 I blogged about The Little Yellow Duck Project which I had just learnt about.  If you haven’t heard about the project before it involves people around the world handcrafting little yellow duck gifts as random acts of kindness that are then left in public places for others to find. A special tag on each one of the ducks invites the finder to take their gift home to brighten their day and to visit the  The Little Yellow Duck Project website to register where they found their gift. The Little Yellow Duck Project is a global initiative highlighting the life-saving donation of blood, bone marrow, and organ and tissue. 

Little-Yellow-DuckI made ten little ducks to support the project and hid them all over everywhere – even taking some with me to hide when I went away for a couple of weekends so that they would be spread out far and wide.  You can see all the ducks I made in my original post here.

Excitingly a couple of months later someone posted a photo to say that they had found one of my ducks which had prompted them to fill in an application form to be a blood donor! What an amazing feeling that was! And so nice to find out what had happened to a duck that had been hidden.

After I had finished making and hiding my pledge of little ducks I offered my services as a designer to The Little Yellow Duck Project to create a new free duckling crochet pattern which they could use…and not long after Doodle the Duckling was born! 


Well one of the lovely people at the project contacted me this week to say that the pattern had never gone live on their website (although they thought it had). Needless to say they were mortified – but I know only too well how technology can be a fickle mistress (as I find out ever time I schedule a post when I’m on holiday…every. single. time!).  All is now fixed however and you can now find Doodle the Duckling under the Crochet Pattern section of their website. If you want to add Doodle the Duckling to your Ravelry queue or favourite him so you can make him later then use this link here

I hope you do check out The Little Yellow Duck Project when you get a moment – as well as crochet patterns they have knitting, sewing and machine embroidery patterns you use to support them if you fancy a different craft.

And just to finish off I’ll end with a photo of Little G from a year or so ago when she got to meet some real life little yellow ducklings…because too cute right! 


Until next time, happy hooking and keep calm and crochet on my friends xx


February in a Nutshell (2015)

So February for me has been very yellow! I see yellow as a happy colour so it’s a great colour to be using when the world outside is grey and miserable.  

This month it’s been all about the ducks (about the ducks -not chickens!) as I finished up hooking ten little ducks for The Little Yellow Duck Project – which I blogged about here. 


I also released into the world a new free little design created especially for the The Little Yellow Duck Project -Doodle the Duckling which I blogged about here.  

I thought I would just share with you some of my fabulous testers photos of Doodle as they all came out super cute – I’m loving the addition of hair and sunglasses! Thanks again for the testing skills of: FromHome, Creative Kitty Crochet, Kat’s Crochet Creations and P.S Creations!  

If you want a to make some Doodles click here to add this pattern to your Ravelry Queue and ‘Favourites’ or click here to access on Craftsy.


I have also been hooking up Block 3 and Block 4 this month for the CAL and working on writing up some patterns which should be with testers really soon!

Another busy month of happy hooking!