Come with us to The Enchanted Wood | CAL 2023

Oh my word, you wouldn’t even believe how excited I am to finally announce that a bright and beautiful new crochet-along (CAL) is on the way for 2023!!

Join me in making an enchanted style blanket with a woodland-inspired theme. The Enchanted Wood throw is a versatile piece featuring an intricate collection of textured stitches intertwined together.

Bring the great outdoors indoors using a carefully curated palette of colours and stitches in a project that has plenty of interest as each section emerges – with no sewing together!

Believe it or not I actually started working on the design for this pattern not long after we finished with our 2021 CAL; Filet Fantastic. So for over a year this pattern has been bubbling away in the background getting crafted and honed until it was really to share with you lovely folks.

Everyone seemed to really enjoy the no-sew building block construction (I used in Filet Fantastic) so I decided to utilise that method again for the latest CAL blanket. Whilst it is of similar construction this year’s CAL is focused on texture to produce something that you truly just want to keep running your hands over!

This year’s particular theme came from two places; my favourite walking spots in the woods and one of my favourite Enid Blyton books as a child”

Right then, are you sitting comfortably? Then I shall begin with some of the specifics for this years design.

CAL Specifics

The Enchanted Wood CAL will be released in 8 parts which will be available for free here on the Keep Calm and Crochet On UK Blog. The CAL will start with Part 1 on Friday 20 January 2023 and runs for 8 weeks, each Friday, ending on Friday 10 March 2023.

The landing page for the CAL is available from the CALS AND MALS drop down at the top of the page (here), where I will link all the details in one place.

The Enchanted Wood KCACOUKCAL23 – Stylecraft Naturals Bamboo and Cotton

Yarn Amounts and Kits

  • I used Stylecraft Naturals Bamboo. + Cotton DK for my blanket which is a really lovely yarn. It’s a cotton / bamboo blended yarn that uses natural fibres for a luxurious crafting experience that’s kind to sensitive skin. Yet it can still go in the washing machine and tumble dryer (on a cool cycle) which makes it perfect for a blanket for the home. It comes in a gorgeous range of naturally inspired shades, designed to mix and match beautifully, and I picked ten colours for my blanket because there were so many lovely shades I wanted to use as many as possible!
  • And my lovely mum has been back with her hooks to make a second version of the blanket. She’s created hers in Stylecraft Special DK which I would describe as a bit of a staple in the crafting world. I’ve used it for every so many projects. It’s an acrylic yarn as it’s soft yet durable (making it particularly well suited to blankets – and it also washes well). It also comes in a vast rainbow of colours making it particularly easy to choose 8 ‘natural’ sort of shades

I’m delighted to say, as with the last CAL, that Black Sheep Wools have created some exclusive kits especially for the CAL. There are two kits available, the first is in the beautiful Stylecraft Naturals Bamboo. + Cotton. It contains 16 balls and is just £69.99 per kit. The second kit is in the crocheters favourite Stylecraft Special DK, there are 15 balls in the kits and it is just £29.99.

If you are thinking of hooking up this design using yarn from your own stash I would suggest that you would need at least 8 – 10 different colours and at least 1500 / 1600g / 4425m / 4830yds though I’ll be going into more detail about colours and yarn amounts in my next post (Friday 23 December).

Hook Size

I used a 3.5mm (US size E/4). If you were on the look out for a simple aluminium crochet hook (the kind I learnt to crochet with) then I have some in my Yarnybobs store or I also have other hooks and useful crochet tools linked in my Amazon Store.

CAL Accessories

I’m delighted to say I have once again set up some some special collaborations for this CAL for you. CAL lovers can now buy directly from small businesses that have created something special, specifically for the crochet along, which they will be sure to love! 

The Enchanted Wood KCACOUKCAL23 – Stylecraft Special DK Version

CAL Details

  1. There is no charge to join the CAL; anyone can join in as long as they have some yarn and a hook. 
  2. Whilst the pattern will be available for free here on the blog sometimes it’s easier to have a printable PDF to refer to. The whole pattern therefore will also be available in a printer friendly PDF version in my Ravelry store (for a one off payment). Each weekly instalment will become ready for immediate download in either UK or US terms. During the duration of the CAL this pattern will be released part by part, via Ravelry updates, so as not to spoilt anyone’s fun.
  3. For those that like a deadline I will be adding new details about each section every week on a Friday – see below for full schedule. For those that want to hook when they have the time then that’s fine too; there’s no pressure to this CAL it’s all about enjoying the journey and having fun!
  4. I will be using both UK and US crochet terminology in the pattern (UK/US) so you can pick your preference. I will also always include any helpful information about each element including links about special stitches with the release of each new section.

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The Schedule

Wednesday 21 December 2023CAL Details – including start date, schedule, yarn amounts and hook size
Friday 23 December 2022CAL Planning – more about the design, colours, yarn and support available
Friday 20 January 2023Part 1 – The Tree
Friday 27 January 2023Part 2 – Little Buds
Friday 3 February 2023Part 3 – Ferns
Friday 10 February 2023Part 4 – Pinecones
Friday 17 February 2023Part 5 – Acorns
Friday 24 February 2023Part 6 – Mushrooms
Friday 3 March 2023Part 7 – Bark and Branches
Friday 10 March 2023Part 8 – Leaf Border
Friday 14 April 2023Tah Dah! Your finished blankets

Updates and Support:

Keep up to date with the details via the following links:

Social Media Links:

The hashtag for this years CAL is #KCACOUKCAL23 for Twitter and Instagram. Though you you can join in with any progress photos by linking your projects on your favourite social media sites: RavelryFacebook page or Facebook group and Pinterest.

Until next time folks! Happy hooking, keep calm and crochet on my friends xx


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