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I think I say it every year that one of my favourite things to make are Christmas decorations, and it’s become somewhat of a tradition that I create a new free tree ornament pattern for you to enjoy too. This year I’ve gone a bit non-traditional but still fun – it’s a Christmas Mushroom!


Well actually it’s probably a Christmas toadstool but I’ve been singing Christmas mushroom to myself in my head so I’m afraid that title has stuck.

Apparently the red and white speckled fungi are known in German as gluckspilz which literally means ‘lucky mushroom’ which I really like and I think we can all do with a little luck to get past 2020 don’t you!

I’ve added a little twine to the top of my mushrooms so they can hang from the tree, but you could easily incorporate them into a wreath hanging on your door or even as part of a holiday table centrepiece.


They also don’t have to be just red, I experimented, because I got a little bit addicted to making mushrooms, with a few different colours – so you could match your fungi to your own decor.

Last year you may remember that I made a little Christmas bell tree decorations (FREE pattern here) with some Anchor Crafts Creativa Fino from my stash. I really like Creativa Fino to work with, it’s a nice firm mercerised cotton which I think works particularly well for amigurumi and ornaments like this one so that’s what I’ve used this year too.


The following Christmas Mushroom Tree Ornament pattern is free here on the blog but it’s also available in my Ravelry store, LoveCrafts or Etsy store, where there is a nominal fee for a downloadable PDF pattern if you’d prefer.

The pattern is available in both UK and US crochet terminology via the PDF download; the pattern below is written just in UK terms.

Christmas Mushroom Tree Ornament



Anchor Creativa Fino: 4ply; 125m per 50g ball; 100% Cotton

  • 1 ball in #00258 (A) – Red
  • 1 ball in #00926 (B) – Cream

Anchor Metallic Thread: Viscose (80%) and metallised polyester (20%)

  • 1 ball in #00304 (C) – Metallic White

Pattern will work in other hooks and yarns though finished size will be different.

Hook: 3mm (US size D/3)

You will also need:

  • Stitch Marker
  • Scissors
  • Yarn needle
  • Small amount of toy stuffing
  • Length of twine for hanging loop

Gauge: 5dc = 2.5cm / 1 inch

Obtaining the correct gauge is not critical to this  project but if your gauge does not match then your finished item will be a different size.

Finished Size: 9cm / 3.5 inches


  • st(s) stitch(es)   
  • st  sl               slip stitch    
  • ch(s) chain
  • dc double crochet
  • dc2tog double crochet two together
  • htr             half treble


  • Slip Stitch (sl st): Insert hook in st indicated, yarn over and draw through all loops.
  • Double Crochet (dc): Insert hook in st indicated and draw up a loop (two loops on hook), yarn over, draw through both loops on hook.
  • Double Crochet (dc2tog): Insert hook in st indicated and pull up a loop (two loops on hook), insert hook in next st, yarn over, pull up a loop, yarn over, pull through three loops on hook.
  • Half treble (htr): Yarn over, insert hook in indicated st and pull up a loop (three loops on hook), yarn over, pull through all three loops on hook.


Magic ring: is also known as a Drawstring Ring or Magic Loop and is often used as a start for working amigurumi. If you are not  familiar with this technique you could substitute with a ch2 and then work in the second ch from the hook.

Working in the round: This pattern is worked in the amigurumi style (unless specified), in a spiral without slip stitching or turning chains 

Working in the Back or Front Loop Only (BLO / FLO): If you hold your piece of crochet in front of you with the Vs of the stitch on top, the part of the V closest to you is the front loop. The part of the V farther away from you on the opposite side is the back loop. When a pattern asks you to crochet into the back loop or front loop only insert your hook into the relevant loop and crochet as instructed.


Top of Mushroom

Rnd 1: With YARN A; working into a magic ring, 6dc. 6sts

Note: Do not pull magic ring too tight as you will thread some twine through the centre.

Rnd 2: [2dc] around. 12sts

Rnd 3: [1dc, 2dc] around. 18 sts

Rnd 4: Dc around.

Rnd 5: [1dc in next 2sts, 2dc] around. 24sts

Rnds 6-9: Dc around.

Rnd 10: [1dc in next 3sts, 2dc] around. 30sts

  • Fasten off YARN A with a sl st to the next st and weave in ends.
  • With YARN C embroider some spots on to your mushroom top
  • Create a hanging loop from twine and thread the loop through the centre of your magic ring with a knot to secure.

Underside of Mushroom

Rnd 11: Attach YARN B to the BLO of any st; [1dc in next 3sts, dc2tog] around. 24sts

  • Start to stuff, continue to stuff as you go.

Rnd 12: [1dc in next 2sts, dc2tog] around. 18sts

Rnd 13: [1dc, dc2tog] around. 12sts

Rnd 14: [dc2tog] to end. 6sts

  • Fasten off and use yarn tail to sew up the last 6sts

Mushroom Stalk

Rnd 1: With YARN A; working into a magic ring, 8dc. 8sts

Rnd 2: [2dc] around. 16sts

Rnds 3-5: Dc around.

Rnd 6: [1dc in next 2sts, dc2tog] around. 12sts

  • Start to stuff the mushroom stalk; continue to stuff as you go

Rnds 7-9: Dc around.

Rnd 10: [1dc in next 2sts, dc2tog] around. 9sts

Rnd 11: Dc around.

Rnd 12: BLO; Dc around.

Rnds 13-14: Dc around.

  • Fasten off with a sl st to the next st but leave a long yarn tail.

Rnd 15: Attach YARN C to the FLO; of rnd 12; ch2, 2htr in same st, 3htr in each st around until end, sl st to the beginning ch2 to join. Fasten off and weave in ends.

  • Stitch the mushroom stalk onto the bottom  centre of the mushroom top.

And that’s it!

If you hook up a Christmas Mushroom Tree Ornament I hope you’ll maybe give it a ‘love’ on Ravelry, LoveCrafts or Etsy store by saving to your favourites, tag on Instagram or share your projects in my Facebook group as I love to see your finished work! 

Until next time folks! Happy hooking and keep calm and crochet on my friends xx


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