Pattern Release & Sale | Bright Bonny Bunny Ami-Egg

If you follow me over on Instagram then you may have seen a sneak peep of my next pattern release…peekaboo!


Snowy and rather grey winter weather has had me longing for Spring flowers…


and then of course I needed someone to wear the pretty flower garland! So I came up with a fun bunny egg shaped amigurumi. Bunnies seem to be one of my favourite ami’s to make, I think this is about my six rabbit design – but who doesn’t love a bunny at Easter!


So without further ado I’d like you to meet Belinda the Bright Bonny Bunny Ami-Egg. Inspired by vibrant Easter eggs this fun shaped bunny, with her pretty flower garland, will be the belle of any Easter egg hunt.


So why not hop to it and make your Easter celebrations unforgettable with this lovely bright decorative toy.


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Belinda the Bright Bonny Bunny Ami-Egg is now available and on sale on Ravelry (with coupon code: FUNBUN) until 23 February 2018 after that time the pattern will revert to full price. The pattern is also available on

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Until next time; keep calm and crochet on my friends xx


I Like Crochet Magazine | Jelly Bean Bunny

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, when you make a purchase through these links I do receive¬†a small commission – thank you so much for supporting my blog!¬†ūüíó

The¬†April 2017 issue of¬†I Like Crochet magazine is now available for your reading and crochet pleasure…and it’s chock-a-block full with over 27 lovely Spring patterns for you…including one designed by¬†me!


If you haven’t heard of I Like Crochet magazine before it’s a US bi-monthly digital magazine which is published by the creators of

Can‚Äôt wait to get ready for Easter? For this months issue I have¬†designed a sweet little Jelly Bean Bunny amigurumi which you can¬†personalise in your favourite spring colours and add a yummy sweet¬†snack in its arms. It’s a fab little stash¬†buster for any odds and ends that you have lying around¬†– you can make up a load of bunnies in no time! ¬†


This month’s features:

  • 27+ spectacular spring projects
  • Easter Sweets
  • Fairy Tale Shawls
  • Birds of a Feather
  • Crochet Classics
  • Make it for Mom

There are patterns for Easter, mum, and just for you!

SUBSCRIBE TODAY to get your own copy of my new pattern plus more straight to your desktop or iPad.

Well until next time, happy hooking and keep calm and crochet on my friends xx


KCACO-UK CAL 2015 – Block 7

I have to say that I was drawn to block 7 particularly for the name; an Easter named square for Easter weekend. This is a simple square which is perfect, as the designer says, for advanced beginners and the design allows for super versatility for playing around with the colours you have chosen for your blanket.  

You should have a look on the Ravelry Projects for this one if you are looking for some inspiration as there are some really lovely and unique colour combinations! Click on the link in the title below to go straight to the pattern.

This square is available for free (and has been since April 2009) on the Smooth Fox Crochet and Knit Blog

Free SmoothFox’s Easter Day Square¬†by Donna Mason-Svara


  • Hook:¬†UK 5.5 mm / US Size I
  • Yarn: Aran / 10 ply / Worsted / Weight #4
  • Colours:¬†As many as you like!
  • Pattern available in US terminology

My Version:

Ta dah!! This is my version of this square using my colour palette (I blogged about here).   I really liked the cross in a circle design of this square; I always think circles inside a square are fun!



The next block will be open for the public vote again and released on April 15th (or 16th)

April in a Nutshell …. still busy!

It’s been another busy month but I do prefer to be busy than twiddling my thumbs.¬† Inbetween working and crocheting we’ve managed to fit in some fun family¬†activities.¬† We went to the circus (first time for me and little G), went on a day trip to the zoo¬†and did lots of digging and planting in the garden.¬† I’m not very green fingered (unless it’s house plants) but I do¬†try!¬† Last¬†Bank Holiday Monday was spent very pleasantly¬†in the garden planting pansy’s and viola’s in tubs and baskets¬†for the patio¬†with support¬†from apprentice gardener¬†Little G which she thought was great fun.¬† As Little G’s favourite food is tomatoes¬† we brought her a tomato plant of her very own and she¬† thoroughly enjoyed the process of putting a plant in a plant pot just for her.

And just look how much it’s grown already!!!

Crochet wise I have been quite busy working on some big custom orders¬†but still managed to squeeze in the time to¬†release¬†1 new pattern and a¬†1 new FREE pattern into the world…

As it was all about Easter in April I released my Easter Bag Buddies which Little G loved using in the Easter Egg Hunt we set up around the house.  That was such a magical afternoon seeing her little face light up with glee as she found each of the eggs we had hidden.

My new Afghan square pattern this month (for my self set mini challenge to create a new Afghan Square every month for 2014) was my¬†Mini Filet Square¬†which I blogged about here. I was really pleased with this square and I’m just waiting for someone to make a blanket out of the pattern and send me the photo (hint, hint!)

Now we are in May I am hoping to get the 3 big custom orders out the way (1 down, 1 half started and 1 to go) and I’ve got a couple of new patterns¬†with my lovely¬†testers at the moment so I’ve got enough going on to keep me out of mischief!¬†

Have a happy month of hooking!



Bringing amigurumi’s to life.

So with the Easter holiday¬†¬†I have pretty much been exclusively making my ¬†‘Bunny on the Shelf‘ for lovely customers who want the ‘Easter’ version (bunny with a little Easter basket) to grace their shelves. ¬†

I always find it funny that each bunny I’ve made, although ‘constructed’ in exactly the same way to the same pattern, all seem to be individuals with there own personalities. ¬†I think that’s one of the joy’s for me of crocheting¬†something yourself¬†–¬†everything is unique!

To give your amigurumi character it can be as ¬†simple as to how you’ve positioned the eyes, nose or mouth on the face. ¬†Wide-set or big eyes are found on most baby animals and have become associated with innocence and cuteness¬†(note my bunnies all have wide set eyes!). ¬†

Eyebrows are also intimately involved in facial expression so can have a huge impact on the character of your amigurumi. High-arching brows can add to a look of surprise or interest where as a slight slant might lean towards a more mischievous or bad-tempered nature.  

A small nose again can also be associated with babies and cuteness, where as a large nose might be more comical and a big smiley mouth speaks for itself where as a lopsided mouth could suggest a more wry character.

A new character appeared for me when I moved my¬†bunny’s ears from pointing upwards to downwards for a¬†‘lop-eared’ look as requested by another customer – it just changed¬†everything again! ¬†I think this little guy could get an¬†‚Äúawww‚ÄĚ (and possibly a quick cuddle) from even the grumpiest of people.

I think if you are making your own amigurumi my top tip would be you should definitely experiment with the features. ¬†There are so many amigurumi’s out there that you can make and some fantastic patterns but for me it’s how you position the features onto the face that breathes life into what you have made; transforming your ‘crocheted object’¬†into a little character to love!

Getting a bit crafty with string eggs

So as it’s nearly Easter I swear that¬†string eggs¬†are everywhere! As they look so cool I thought Little G and I would have a go at making some as the¬†one thing I do have a lot of is spare yarn lying around. ¬†

If you want to have a go at making them here’s what you will need:

  • PVA kids glue
  • A saucer or a bowl to put the glue into
  • Wool or String
  • Scissors
  • Small Balloons (or water balloons)
  • Some treats (in wrappers)
  • Apron (it does get messy!)
  • A tray to put your string eggs on to dry

1. Make sure you have an area you don’t mind getting messy and I would suggest aprons for anyone involved!

2. Stuff your treats inside the deflated balloon and then blow up to the size you want your string eggs.   The treats I had brought were like chocolate coins so it turned into a fiddle-fest to get them inside so I would definitely suggest roundish treats!  


It’s only natural that not all the chocolate will make it inside the balloons if you are working with small children…


3. Next put your glue into the bowl, you will need quite a bit as you need to soak the string or wool thoroughly.  


4. Then start to wind your gluey string or wool around one of your balloons; this bit gets extremely sticky and there is likely to be glue splash! You don’t have to wrap your eggs too neatly; cross the yarn in lots of different directions to make an interesting ‘cage’. ¬†You will need to wrap the balloons enough so that your treats won’t fall out.


5. Once you have finished wrapping your balloons you will need to set them aside on a tray to dry; we left ours for a couple of days…


6. Check to see if the yarn¬†feels hard and if it does pop your balloon. ¬†You may need to snip the balloon a bit to release the treats this can be a bit tricky. ¬†Once the treats are free¬†you can then pull out the balloon bits leaving the chocolate¬†behind and that’s it, place on a shelf and admire!


I really love them!  I have now added them to my Eastery looking shelves ready for Easter weekend! Hope you all enjoy a lovely holiday with your family x



Pattern Release: Easter Bag Buddies

Sometimes as a designer I think you get an idea in your head that just won’t go away. The only alternative is to just crochet it out of your system and that’s what happened in this case! ¬†

Introducing my Easter Buddy Bags; perfect for little hands for those Easter Egg hunts or for storing yummy treats inside.

And from now until Easter Sunday (20 April 2014) you can save 60% on the pattern and get your copy for just ¬£1 / $1.67 from my Ravelry store after that it will revert back¬†to it’s regular price of ¬£2.50 / $4.19 so make sure you pick up your copy! ¬†

Easter Bag Buddies: A Keep Calm and Crochet On UK Pattern

These little bags are roughly 11 inches / 28 cm from handle top to bottom and are super fast to make up; I made both of these in a day.  The pattern contains instructions to make both the bunny and the chick versions and, as with all my patterns, features both UK and US crochet stitch terminology.

The pattern is available on either Ravelry or Craftsy:

Easter Bag Buddies: A Keep Calm and Crochet On UK pattern

This year now that Little G is old enough we are planning a ‘home’ type Easter hunt and these little bags are just¬†perfect for her to collect eggs and treats into – I can’t wait!

Easter Bag Buddies: A Keep Calm and Crochet On UK pattern


March in a Nutshell aka Super Busy!!!

So it’s been a bit of a manic month!¬† Lots of changes in my day job has meant that I have been very busy at work this month…and then I’ve come home I’ve¬†had lots of things to do there too!¬†¬†I seem to have organised things as such that I have had lots of things to complete (tests and orders), get released (lots of new patterns this month) and pass over to my wonderful testers (to help turn my scribbles into sense).

This month¬†¬†I released 4¬†new patterns (which I think is a record for me!) and a¬†new¬†FREE pattern¬†into the world…

Getting ready for Easter (and adding to my ‘On the Shelf’ amigurumi’s) I released¬†my ‘Bunny on the Shelf‘ pattern at the¬†beginning¬†of March. ¬†I had such a time trying to get the feet just how I’d pictured them in my head but they came together in the end!¬† I’ve have had such positive feedback about him; mainly how people love his cheeks! This pattern has kept me¬†busy with orders I’ve had¬†for Easter; I’ve got three to finish up this weekend and I am excited about making two in different colours.


Next release was Nanuk the Polar Bear lovey which was my first ever lovey design; I blogged about him already so you can read all about his creation¬†here. ¬†I was super excited when he made number 9 for a short time ¬†on the ‘Hot Right Now list’ ¬†(for purchased crochet patterns) over on¬†Ravelry¬†(I’m still aiming for that no.1 slot at least once!).


I also finished off an order / new pattern for my first ever¬†baby cocoon¬†-it’s definitely been a month of firsts! ¬†This caterpillar set was so fun to work on and is super squiggly¬†soft and snuggly. ¬†Unfortunately for me the baby it was ordered for isn’t even born yet so I’m going to have to wait awhile for cute customer photos!

Chunky Newborn Caterpillar Cocoon Set / Sleep-Sack / Photo Prop Set

My new Afghan square pattern this month (for my self set mini challenge to create a new Afghan Square every¬†month for 2014) was my¬†Solomon’s Cross pattern¬†which¬†I blogged about¬†here. ¬†I was really pleased with this square and I’m just waiting for someone to make a blanket out of the pattern¬†and send me the photo (hint, hint!)

Solomon's Knot Afghan Square

The¬†free pattern¬†which I¬†shared this month¬†was little¬†Betty Prickles;¬†if you’ve not got your copy of Betty yet then why not pick up one now and have someone keep your pins safe. ¬†Finally I also managed to fit in two pattern tests this month…one that I can’t share yet and the other was the fabulous¬†Exterminator Hat¬†I blogged about here. ¬†Busy, busy, busy month…wonder what April’s got in store for me!