20% Discount | Pattern Release: Pretty Pastel Pandas

Recently my godmother contacted me to see if I could make her a couple of amigurumis for twin grandbabies due in November. She specified that she’d like one blue and one pink but that everything else would be up to me. So I started thinking about twins, and what animals quite commonly have twins, and that led me to pandas…

Meet the pretty pastel panda twins Ping and Pei, a cute pair of cuddly keepsakes that are sure to be a firm favourite with children and grown-ups.

I wanted these pandas to be a little different from the traditional black and white versions which is why I made them in pastel colours. I thought the colour scheme would work well with pink and blue, and lent themselves to a wee baby nursery colour scheme.


Of course the pattern would work in other colours too, you could substitute the pink and blue for yellow or mint maybe if you were looking for more unisex colours, or if a baby’s gender was going to be a surprise. Of course the pattern would also work with some lovely primary brights too – I’d like to see that!


I used Paintbox Cotton DK, which is 100% cotton that is available in a huge palette of 56 colours. I used 1 ball of Champagne White (403), 1 ball of Blush Pink (454) and 1 ball of , 1 ball of Slate Grey (406). You can use 1 ball of the white for both pandas and the grey you only need for the features so there’s loads left over.

It was my first time using Paintbox Cotton DK, and I really liked it as a cotton for amigurumi’s. It’s very affordable at £2.50 ($3.22) per ball; that’s for 50g, and the fact it comes in so many colours is a huge plus. Of course the other thing about making things in cotton is that it’s durable, but its not stiff like other cottons I’ve used, it’s quite soft and pliable.


Ping and Pei are fun amigurumi to make, with just a few simple techniques you can easily bring these pretty pastel pals to life.

Do you fancy 20% off the pattern price? Just enter the coupon code: PANDA on either Ravelry or Etsy until the 30th September 2020 to save.

Until next time folks! Happy hooking, keep calm and crochet on my friends xx


20% Discount | Pattern Release: Back to School Bear

As you know, one of the things I’ve pledged myself to work on this year is to get more organised with the release of some of the patterns that I can now offer as ‘independent patterns’.

I talked a bit about what this refers to in this post here, but basically it means me sorting out the patterns, that were once only available in magazines, and make them available for you to enjoy via your favourite pattern download sites.

It’s a big ole list that I’m trying to work through, but I actually had an occasion to re-make one of my old patterns recently. So it was a bit of a serendipitous moment for which pattern I was going to sort out this month.


You may remember that Back to School Bear appeared in Happily Hooked Magazine way way back in August 2017, I can’t believe it was 3 years ago! But there we have it, it really was about time this little guy was made available! And it’s that time of year that many of us are thinking about the start of a new school term – I know I’ve been sorting out school uniforms today.


On the original version of Back to School Bear I used Stylecraft Special Double Knit, but for the remake I used stash yarn. I used Ricorumi DK in Silver Grey (058), White (001), Black (060), Red (028), Blue (032), Saffron (063) and Pistachio (047). You need 2 balls of the main bear colour and just 1 ball for all the primary colours and the bears snout.

I actually really enjoyed remaking this little guy. It’s my youngest daughter’s last day at her Nursery school this week, and it’s also the end of an era as it’s the nursery her sister attended, and I’ve no more children now that will be going to that nursery.

I wanted to make a little keepsake gift that she could give as a gift on her last day, and this little bear just seemed like a cute idea, as he’ll be gifted with a little wooden sign I’d bought saying how fun Nursery was.


I think Back to School Bear would make a great keepsake gift to get kids excited about their grand return to the classroom. Or even as a mascot for college or university students. He could also be a fun end of term teacher gift too!

Do you fancy 20% off the pattern price? Just enter the coupon code: SCHOOL on either Ravelry or Etsy until the 15 September to save.

As I mentioned before, there’s still quite a few patterns I need to work through, but I’m not going to do them in any particular order – so just watch this space for new releases!

Until next time folks! Happy hooking, keep calm and crochet on my friends xx


New Crochet Pattern | Deramores Teddy Bear

​​I’m ‘beary’ delighted today to tell you I’ve got a ​new un-bear-ably cute ​pattern available now in my Deramores store​. ​Here’s a little self ‘pawtrait’ of my Teddy Bear design.

It’s always such a joy to create a teddy bear design because they are just such enduring appealing toys! I had many much-loved teddy’s, some of which I still have, and have cherished over the years – as I bet a lot of us have! I know my mum still has her teddy from when she was born, as does my brother! I definitely stem from a family of teddy bear lovers!

And I love the idea of this little guy being created and becoming someone a child turns to for a cuddle and to perhaps become a keepsake to remind them of childhood as they grow up!

But our love affair with teddies doesn’t have to end with the early years of our lives – I think this little fellow is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face!

The teddy bear pattern comes with a cute red bow that can be sewn on as a bow tie or sewn on in front of the ear for a feminine look.

For my Teddy Bear I used Deramores Studio DK which I love; it’s wonderfully soft acrylic yarn which has been developed with anti-pilling technology – making it perfect for toys.

The Teddy Bear design is available as either a single pattern, for £1 / $1.25 (a real bear-gain!) in my Designer Shop, or as a kit with everything you need (pattern, yarn, stuffing and eyes) to make the Teddy Bear.


If you were looking for more cute animal projects to hook up there are bunny’s, dogs, cats, donkey’s and horses all available in my Deramores Designer Shop

You should prob-bear-ly go and download the Teddy Bear right now! 

As always if you hook up the Teddy Bear I hope you’ll tag kcaco.uk and Deramores on Instagram or share your projects in my Facebook group as I love to see your finished work! 

Until next time folks! Happy hooking, keep calm and crochet on my friends xx