NEW Mini Crochet Kit | Love Gnome

I have to say that this year feels like it’s moving very fast – I can’t believe we are nearly in May and I’ve not had chance to share a crochet new kit I’ve just added to my Etsy shop! My best laid plans of sharing it in February didn’t happen, but that’s okay, you just have to do what you can do don’t you!

But now allow me to introduce my newest mini crochet kit for the Love Gnome!

Image of a amigurumi gnome holding a little heart on a stick, next to the gnome is a heart shaped bauble filled with red and pink yarn.

Much like the mini crochet kits I released last year (see all the mini crochet kits here along with a big kit) this one was released at the February Crochet Sanctuary where I was kindly allowed to bring a pop up shop to share with the other guests a range of my KCACOUKYarnybobs and Dear Ewe products.

It’s becoming a little bit of a tradition to create a new kit for these pop up’s and I have to say I really enjoy the process of coming up with something new – in fact a brand new kit, launching at the April Crochet Sanctuary will be coming soon!

A crochet gnome holding a little heart on a stick, next to the gnome is a heart small basket filled with red and pink Scheepjes Catona yarn.

So show a little love with the crochet Love Gnome! This adorable little gonk, with his hat pulled over his nose, would make a cute addition to your home or you could make as a gift to someone special.

❤️ Add the Love Gnome Crochet Kit to your favourites on Ravelry ❤️

Each kit contains 30g of Scheepjes Catona, the 16mm wooden bead, an eco cocktail stick, a small amount of white acrylic yarn for his beard packed in a reusable heart shaped bauble. The kit also comes with 10g bag of stuffing in small reusable organza bag (separately from the heart as it wouldn’t all fit in) so you have everything you need to your little Love Gnome.

A hand holds a heart shaped bauble filled with red and pink yarn.

There’s also the optional tool extra, via my Etsy shop, of including up a premium bamboo 3mm hook (US approx. size D/3) if you don’t have one of those to hand.

The pattern is written in UK terms, but shipping is available to anywhere. If you are not sure about UK terms then you might find my blog post British vs. American Crochet Terms: What’s the Difference? helpful.


Pinterest collage of images for the Mini Crochet Kit Love Gnome Ornament.

These bauble crochet kits have always proved popular at the crochet sanctuary and I’ve seen lots of lovely examples now of projects that have been made from my mini kits.

If you have been working on a pattern from one of my crochet kits I hope you’ll share your WIP and finished project photos with me on social media (facebooktwitter or instagram), or as a project on Ravelry – I love to see what you make! And finally you may wish to sign up to blog (below) and / or my mailing list to get a reminder when new blog posts, discounts or new pattern releases are available.

Until next time folks! Happy hooking and keep calm and crochet on my friends xx


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New Pattern Release | Nordic Twist Gnome

So I promised another couple of Christmas patterns didn’t I and here is the next! Allow me to introduce the Nordic Twist Gnome!

I know that you will have seen these sort of Scandinavian Gnomes before, they are everywhere in the Christmas shops, and I LOVE them with their pulled down hats over their big noses. I love them so much that it just made me want to come up with my OWN version and so that’s what I’ve done!

The top of my gnomes hat is completely poseable for you to twist it or put it in all sorts of different shapes, all by the way of a carefully hidden pipe cleaner, that makes it a rather fun ornament to have on your shelf!

Did you know that these sorts of gnomes are a common Scandinavian Christmas decoration that have been adopted wholeheartedly by the rest of the world. The traditional word for gnomes in the Scandinavian culture is ‘Tomte’ which was apparently coined by Saint Birgitta of Sweden in the 1300s. These little guys are typically associated with the winter solstice and the Christmas season and traditionally usually don a bright red conical knitted hat.

I wanted my gnome to be a little different so I made him in a modern colour pallet of turquoises and silver. He’s made from Scheepjes Catona that I’d got in my stash, with a 2.75mm (US C/2) hook, some roving for his beard and some silver Scheepjes Lizzy thread just to add a bit of sparkle. And as Christmas to me is totally all about jingle bells I added some of those too!

My two girls love this little guy and I already know my gnome is going to come out every year for the holiday season with the rest of my Christmas makes. I love that my family will start to think of them as a part of their holidays.

The pattern is now available, from all my usual pattern stores, for you to make your own gnomes

I hope you enjoy making this little guy as much as I enjoyed designing him. And if you are looking for more seasonal patterns to hook up if you are in a festive kind of mood then check out my Christmas Crochet bundle on Ravelry which contains all my seasonal patterns available for purchase or for free.

I’ve just got two more Christmas patterns left that I’m releasing this year then I promise I’m all Xmas patterned out so keep a look out for those next week.

Until next time folks! Happy hooking and keep calm and crochet on my friends xx