Votes for Kisses | Unravel Design Competition

Did the title get your attention? Want to know what it’s all about – well I shall tell you, because I’m looked for help from my lovely blog readers! Excitingly I’ve had got a brand new pattern that’s been shortlisted in the Unravel 2020 design competition called The Waverley Kisses Scarf…

There’s nine designs now up for a public vote to pick a winner which will be launched at Unravel as part of their show guide during the festival on 21-23 February 2020.

Unravel is a three day yarn show in Farnham Maltings in Surrey. There’s over 80 exhibitors, craft shops and workshops and all the other lovely things you’d expect at a woolly festival! I’ve never actually had the opportunity to attend yet but I’ve heard only good things about Unravel!

You know me, I do love a bit of a crochet challenge, so when I saw the call for designers to enter their design competition on Instagram I thought I’d give it a bash!

My idea for the scarf comes from my own, and I’m guessing many other’s experience, of yarn shows. You know the times where you see some gorgeous yarn that you fall completely in love with so you have to take it home with you. But you didn’t have a plan when you bought it and now you don’t know what to make with just one skein!

Such as this gorgeous handyed skein that I had of Devon Sun Yarns … That’s where the Waverly Kisses Scarf comes in!

This lovely and organically shaped wave scarf includes a fun crossed stitch in the design which creates a lovely subtle texture that you just want to run your hands over. Combine that with some beautiful yarn to make a winning combination scarf that everyone is sure to admire whenever you wear it.


I’m really chuffed with how this design turned out. It was one of those that just worked from conception to completion just how I wanted it too and I love everything about it.

So here’s where I need your help! The voting started at 5pm today and will run until 11:59pm GMT on Monday, 27 January. The person with the highest vote at the end will win.

Supporters can vote once per day and will need to enter a valid email address. You can choose to opt-in to receive emails from the yarn festival but of course that is not mandatory to vote! 📷

I’ll be doing reminders on all my social media but the link to vote is below:


I’m asking for your votes not just for me, but crochet is at stake (against knitting) and it would be great for it to have a feature!

There are so many amazing designs from inventive designers that have been shortlisted and I’d like to wish the best of luck to all the designers taking part! … now go vote for Waverley Kisses!

Until next time folks! Happy hooking and keep calm and crochet on my friends x

P. S If you share on Instagram on your stories be sure to let me know so I can send you some kisses back!

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Poppy Brooch | Free Crochet Pattern


In 2013 I made a little poppy brooch to commemorate Remembrance Day. I’ve used that photo for the last 4 years as my post on social media on the 11th hour, of the 11th day and over the years I’ve had many people ask about a pattern.  Now at the time I didn’t write down the pattern, I was just playing and made something up, but at the Knitting and Stitching Show you may recall I bought a lovely box filled with Scheepjes Catona Cutie Pies and whilst I was a bit loath to open the box I thought they would be just perfect to try and recreate my poppy brooch.


This free pattern is to help anyone crocheting poppies to raise money for The Royal British Legion.

Poppy Brooch


Add the this pattern to your 💗 Favourites and Ravelry Queue here.


Scheepjes Catona Cutie Pie 10g balls in the following colours:

  • Poppy Rose (Shade 390) 
  • Jet Black (Shade 110)
  • Small Trimmits Black Seed Beads (Optional)
  • Brooch pin (with sieve backing) or normal brooch pin

Hook: 2.75mm hook (US size C)

Difficulty: Easy 

Size:  5cm long x 3cm wide (2″ long x 1.1″ wide)

Gauge: Is not important for this item


  • st(s) = stitch(es)
  • sp = space
  • sl st = slip stitch
  • ch(s) = chain  
  • dc/sc= UK double / US single crochet
  • htr/hdc= UK half treble / US half double crochet
  • tr/dc= UK treble / US double crochet

Stitch Guidance: 

  • Slip Stitch (sl st): Insert hook in st indicated, yarn over and pull through all loops.
  • UK Double Crochet/US Single Crochet (dc/sc): Insert hook in st indicated and pull up a loop (two loops on hook), yarn over, pull through both loops on hook.
  • UK Half Treble / US Half Double Crochet (htr/hdc): Yarn over, insert hook in indicated st and pull up a loop (three loops on hook), yarn over, pull through all three loops on hook.
  • UK Treble / US Double Crochet (tr/dc): Yarn over, insert hook in next st and pull up a loop (three loops on hook), yarn over, pull through two loops, yarn over, pull through remaining two loops on hook.


The poppy brooch is worked in the round placing a stitch marker in the top of the first stitch to mark start of round.

  • Rnd 1: With black; start with either a magic ring or ch2 and work in 2nd ch from hook, work 6dc/sc into the ring. 6sts
  • Rnd 2: 2 dc/sc in each st around. 12sts

Fasten off and weave in ends

  • Rnd 3: Rejoin red yarn to any st, ch1 and work 1dc/sc in same st as beginning ch1, and then working around the poppy *2htr/hdc in the next st, 3tr/dc in the next st,, 2htr/hdc in the next st, 1dc/sc in the next st, sl st in the next st * repeat from * to * once more, 1dc/sc in the last st. 20sts
  • Rnd 4: 2dc/sc in the next st and working round the poppy; 1htr/hdc in the next st , 2tr/dc in the next st, 1tr/dc in the next st, 3tr/dc in the next st, 1tr/dc in the next st, 2tr/dc in the next st, 1htr/hdc in the next st, 2dc/sc in the next st, sl st in the next st,  1dc/sc in the next st, 2htr/hdc in the next st, 1htr/hdc in the next 2sts, 3htr/hdc in the next st, 1htr/hdc in the next 2sts, 1dc/sc in the next st, sl st in the last st. 28sts
  • Rnd 5: Sl St around the whole of the outside of the flower, fasten off and weave in ends


  • Sew on seed beads to the middle of the brooch (optional)
  • Line the poppy with felt (optional)
  • Add a brooch back onto the back of your brooch


And that’s it!


I hope you enjoy this little brooch. I can’t wait to yours! Make sure you link me your finished projects on Ravelry  or your favourite social media  (Facebook Twitter, and Instagram) and if you are featured in my newsletter you could win a pattern of your choice!

Until next time; keep calm and crochet on my friends xx


Simply Crochet Magazine | Perfect Pansy Bag

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, when you make a purchase through these links I do receive a small commission – thank you so much for supporting my blog! 💗

This post finds me in an extremely delighted state and I’ll tell you why – Simply Crochet magazine issue 61 is out now…


and with this month’s magazine there is an added ‘Crochet Edits’ supplement with three bonus floral patterns – and one of those patterns is mine!! 😁🎉


I’m always inspired by the different ways you can embellish a crochet project (and there are so many!) and cross-stitch was a method that I was really eager to incorporate into a design.  Now you can sharpen your crochet and cross stitch skills with my new Perfect Pansy Cross Body Bag.  


Bold print and vintage inspired, this bag is perfect for women, like me, who prefer to be hands-free when out and about.  Cross body bags are, in my opinion, a perfectly practical style solution – a case of fashion meeting function (which is why I love them!). 

Pansy’s and viola’s are some of my favourite flowers; their rounded velvety petals and vibrant colours always make an appearance in my flower pots. I’m not exactly what you call green fingered, I’m more of a nicely arranged patio pot kind of gal, but I love the fact that these hardy annuals are a) hard to kill off and b) always bring some bright rainbow cheer to the garden even when the sun isn’t shining!


Appearing in this supplement for Simply Crochet magazine is quite a special moment for me! When I first started crocheting again, just over five years ago, Simply Crochet was the first magazine I bought and later had a subscription to. And I just love how they have styled the section for my pattern with pretty feminine shades that I think perfectly complement my floral design!


If you are not familiar with Simply Crochet magazine it can be found in all major supermarkets and/or magazine suppliers in the UK.  Each issue features loads of crochet patterns each month; advice on techniques; step-by-step guides and crochet inspiration – you’ll be hooked from the very first page! They also offer worldwide subscriptions! This starts from £25.95 (in the UK) for six issues. 

With issue 61 you also get a rather funky floral 4mm polymer clay hook – which incidentally happens to be the perfect size for hooking my bag 😉.

I can’t wait to see how your bag projects turn out! Be sure to share your photos with me on social media (facebooktwitter or instagram) – I love to see what you make!

Until next time, keep calm and crochet on my friends x


Pattern Release & Giveaway | The Breton Bag

Stripes are all the rage this season! Whether its horizontal or vertical you will undoubtedly start to see stripes feature in a range of accessories. Now you can line up with this years stripe trend with my new Breton Bag


Big enough to stow all your essentials in you can now complement your own look using your own colour palette. The Breton Bag cross-body design also allows you to go hands free making it a practical style essential.

Inspired by a holiday I had in Brittany (France) and a homage to the the crisp Breton stripes which I think effortlessly express a classic Parisian style; clean and stylish in its graphic simplicity.  


Make your bag with in the traditional white and blue sailor-like stripes for a touch of *Riviera Chic* or go wild with different colour variations; either way will result in an aesthetically appealing bag.

Included with the pattern is written guidance on how to add a lining and a magnetic bag clasp to your bag and two options for attaching the bag handle.


Exclusive Giveaway 🎉

The Breton Bag is now available and on sale on Ravelry (until 10 May 2017) but for your chance to win a copy keep reading! 

Simply head on over to Ravelry and add the pattern to your favourites or show it some love by commenting below this post with your Ravelry username / or email address. 

Bonus Entry: Re-pin any of the pictures on this post and copy & paste the URL of your re-pin in the comments below. 

Winners will be randomly chosen on 10 May 2017 evening around 7pm GMT

Until next time; keep calm and crochet on my friends xx